Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Stuff I Forgot to Write About

In my "Pittsburgh Sports Update" entry, I mentioned former Pitt football player Hank Poteat. Somehow, I forgot to mention that Pitt and Central Catholic H.S. star Dan Marino has been named to the NFL Hall of Fame. I know a few Dolphins fans who will probably remind me that I forgot about this for years.

You may have seen or heard about the story over the last few days, but apparently a 4-year-old wanted to get a game from the video store, so he took the car to the store. Since the kid was OK, this is a light-hearted, funny story. If the kid got even a little hurt, there would be mass chaos across the county and exclusives all over the news about very young kids driving. I'm guessing that it's the liberals fault 4-year-olds are driving.

After seeing the Esuvee commercial for days with people riding scary looking animals/vehicles, I finally went to the website to see what it was. It's the Esuvee safety campaign sponsored by the Attorney General and the consumer protection agencies of all the states, DC and Puerto Rico. I wonder who created the scary vehicle/monster thing?

Speaking of websites I visited after seeing it on TV, I also went to GoDaddy.com. So I guess they sell domain names. Very exciting (note sarcasm). A huge congratulations to them for getting so much publicity.

Lyric of the day: "Hot like wasabi when I bust rhymes." Congratulations to Barenaked Ladies for the best use of wasabi in a song!

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