Tuesday, February 01, 2005

1:17 AM Rant

Yes, I know what time it is. I also know that I will be awake to get ready for work in 5 hours. So why am I awake? I just finished being a soccer referee for three indoor games. The first game was scheduled to start at 9:45, but because the games were already running last, did not start until after 10.

People who I have known for years may not know this, but yes, I am a soccer ref. I started when I was 13 or 14 doing Under-8 & Under-10 games. It was great money to a kid in Jr. High & High School, and I continued being a ref when I returned home from college. After graduation, I stopped being a ref until the beginning of last year. Figuring that I could again use some extra money, but more importantly, try to get some exercise and get back into shape, I started doing youth games (under-12 through under-19) and the occasional outdoor adult league game.

Fast-forward to the last few months. I'm now being a ref for indoor soccer. Most of the games I have done are Over-30 Women, Division 1 Women (mostly college players and recent college grads) and Adult Co-Ed. After being a ref for 9 years, I'm tired of it. At the very least, I'm tired of doing adult indoor soccer. There is no out of bounds and constant action in a confined area. Anytime someone touches another player they complain. "Why aren't you calling that a foul?" "Why did you call that a foul?" Of course, usually the comments are "you can't be serious." "C'mon, ref!" I've also heard "you have to be f***ing kidding me." I'm a very patient person and I really want to be there to promote a fun game. However, some of these players (especially Division 1 Women and the co-ed Men) are obnoxious. It doesn't help that I'm really tired right now, and am not looking forward to getting ready for work in 5 hours. I think I'll continue to ref youth outdoor soccer, but I'm done with indoor.

On the bright side, today is officially my 6-month anniversary! Hooray!

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