Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Sean's Ramblings Giveaway

It's been way too long since there's been a giveaway at Sean's Ramblings, so I'm really excited about this. You (yes you!) have the opportunity to win a Vremi knife set and a Vremi coffee grinder. We've had the same steak knives for as long as I can remember, so it's nice to have some brand new ones. I really like the colors too. An added bonus of the Vremi knife set is if someone is using the yellow or orange one, you can say, "That's not a knife. This is a knife!" when you're using the red or blue one!

Meanwhile, I'm probably the worst person to give any details about the Vremi coffee grinder since I don't drink coffee. I don't know how to grind coffee, and I have no idea how to use the Keurig in our house. I'll just give the company major credit for having "Bump 'N Grind Coffee Grinder" on the box. That's outstanding!

Please enter to win the knives and coffee grinder by any (or all) of the ways below. This could make a nice Father's Day gift. Good luck!

Win the Vremi Coffee Grinder and Knife Set #16

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Ed Sheeran: Pittsburgher

You may have heard about the Irish ice cream shop, Gelati Enniscrone & Ballina, that created a Heinz ketchup-flavored gelato. This flavor is a tribute to singer Ed Sheeran and his upcoming Irish tour. Apparently, Sheeran is a huge fan of Heinz ketchup and even has a tattoo of the ketchup on his upper left arm.

Let's go on a tangent here. I've attended many weddings in which the bride and groom (or their families) create welcome bags for guests coming from out of town and staying at a hotel. In one such wedding,* the bag included your typical snacks and drinks as well as Heinz pickle pins. Who would have Heinz pickle pins other than a Pittsburgher? Getting back to Sheeran, it certainly seems like only someone from Western Pennsylvania with devotion to a Pittsburgh delicacy (maybe not the best term) would get a tattoo to honor such a product. Therefore, even though Sheeran is from the UK, he certainly seems like an honorary Pittsburgher. Now, Visit Pittsburgh should reach out to Sheeran to have him visit the Heinz headquarters.

Here is ketchup gelato:

* And yes the pickle pins were part of the bags at my wedding.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Quick Story

I did not work as a soccer referee at all in the fall since Luigi was born in September, and I was a little busy. Even with three kids, I planned on doing some occasional work as a referee this spring, but then I dislocated my wrist in January. My primary referee assigner contacted me a few weeks ago to see if I could work an adult game during a weekday night, and I feel like I performed pretty well, particularly since it was really the first time I truly ran in about 8 months.

For my birthday, I wanted to ref for only the second time since August. Since my birthday fell on Mother's Day (and again there's that whole three kid thing), I knew that I had only a limited window available. I found an early morning under-9 (probably 2nd and 3rd graders) girls game where I would only be gone about two hours.

It was an easy game to ref with nice players, coaches, and parents. Even the Canadian geese were pleasant enough to leave the field when I shoo-ed them off before the start of the second half.

As I left the field though, a woman called out to me. She didn't say "Ref," she said Pedro Tulo's dad. (Not his actual name.) I think I stopped and turned like Burt Lancaster did in Field Of Dreams (go to 1:35 of this video).

It turns out that the sister of one of Pedro Tulo's preschool classmates played on one of the two teams. I talked with the mom and his classmate for a few minutes including answering the little girl's question of where was Pedro Tulo. I wonder if she'll mention to Pedro Tulo today that she saw me and if Pedro Tulo will have any type of reaction.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Interview With John & Rachael of YaJagoff Podcast

I've been a big fan of John Chamberlin and his Ya Jagoff website for many years now. I even have an entry in his book, Above The Fries though I'm still waiting for my first royalty check. I've also listed to the Ya Jagoff podcast since its inception, enjoying the interviews and keeping up to date with the happenings in Pittsburgh, even though I'm not there to enjoy them.

When I dislocated my wrist in January and wasn't able to type with two hands for about two months, I knew that I wouldn't have the time or ability to write blog posts as often as I'd like. Therefore, I contacted several friends to see if they were interested in writing guest posts or get interviewed (since this meant less typing for me). John and his co-host Rachael Rennebeck graciously accepted my invitation, so enjoy this fun interview about everything you wanted to know about the Ya Jagoff podcast!

The YaJagoff blog was around for many years before the podcast began. How did you decide to start podcasting?

John: The blog started with the first blog post on 1/1/2011. The blog post was about Mother Nature being a Jagoff by having it too warm here for the Winter Classic game. The podcast started, Light Up Night, 2016. We recorded from Dave DiCello’s store. The podcast started because, I had asked for some professional advice from internationally known social media guy, Jason Falls (Louisville, KY but has a Pgh Connection). He suggested starting a podcast.

Over the past year or so, it seems like you are at a different location or event nearly every week. Is there one (or more) places you've been or events that you covered that ranks as the coolest? Any places where you thought to yourself, "Wow, how cool is it that I'm here?"

John: Funny that you ask this question. Seems like each week we say to ourselves, “Wow! THAT was a really cool episode!” For me, the 2018 St. Patrick’s Day parade was a top favorite. I have watched that parade for years and it was total cool to be IN it while podcasting. The interviews that we have been able to do thanks to our sponsor, Total Sports Enterprises have been cool.. current and past Steelers, Penguins… JuJu Smith-Schuster has been a cool interview.

Place: David Highfield’s veranda to get footage we lost from a podcast! We had a production malfunction and had to get his interview again! He was so gracious and accommodating regardless of our mistake and bc I love him!

Event: St. Patrick’s Day parade bc it has always been a family event to attend and we had the opportunity to really be part of it through our own float and with some great interviews scored with the Governor and other iconic Pittsburgh notables.

Between media figures, sports icons, and politicians, it seems like you've talked to almost all every Pittsburgh celebrity. Is there someone that has not been on the podcast who would be your dream guest?

Rachael: Dream guest: Sidney Crosby— I think if we got him we could get him to talk! He’s such an untouchable with signings but an amazing person and I think we would have a blast asking him Pgh questions!

John: Definitely!!! Michael Keaton for me! First person to ever use the word Jagoff in a major movie (I think)

Rachael joined the podcast about midway through the podcast history. How did you/she come to be John's cohost?

John: Rachael had been on the podcast as a guest in the past. We worked together on various projects during the day and it became very clear that we had a chemistry. Plus, she was a former professional reporter so there’s THAT too!

Rachael: Because I said so lol! We worked together from a marketing standpoint and had such great chemistry that we thought it just may work. Plus having a female cohort provides a unique balance...even though I’m not girly!

The two of you have a great rapport. Are you at the point where you can finish each other's _____?

Rachael: Roasted Brussels sprouts when we have time to eat? Yes! ;) and sentences!

John: YES.. oh gawd yes! And thanks so much for recognizing the rapport. That means a ton!

What's next for the podcast? More field trips planned? (Live from Jagr's house in the Czech Republic would be awesome!)

John: Funny.. Rachael is head to the Czech Republic in late June because her 14-year old son is the number 2 ranked dek hockey player in the USA. (Sean's note: I listen to the podcast which is why I knew Rachael was heading to the Czech Republic.) He’s going there to play for team USA. Hopefully she can go in undercover and get an interview! We haven’t been in the studio since May of 2017. We love doing the podcasts on site. Every week is a new field trip.

Rachael: I say a road trip is always a must! Is that an invite for us to come there?! Sure! We hope for more outreach opps with athletes to get to know their personalities and how they relate to Pgh philanthropically. We are so lucky to be in the city of champions!

Final thought:

John: The world of podcasting seems like its growing but also seems saturated at the same time. We hope that the podcast that we deliver is always fresh. The podcast as afforded us so many cool opportunities and chance to meet some great people! We just want to wake up one day just podcast…screw all of the other real-life work! lol

Thanks again to John and Rachael for answering my questions. If you live in Pittsburgh/Western Pennsylvania or just like to hear about what's going on there, I highly recommend listening and subscribing to the Ya Jagoff podcast. The podcast is available to APPLE users on the iTunes and Podcast app., to ANDROID users on Google Play Music, and to ALL users via, Stitcher, or tunein.

(Michael Keaton photo by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Youth Soccer Drama

The Moose (now 7) is now in his fourth season playing soccer for our local community association. While I coached in past seasons, I decided not to this spring due to my busy life (meaning the addition of Luigi) and uncertainty about how my dislocated wrist would heal. Anyway, the way the league works is that teams have one practice a week and a game on the weekend. For the games, teams usually "practice" for about 15-30 minutes and then face an opponent for the remaining 30-45 minutes in 3 versus 3, small-sided games.

A few weeks ago, while The Moose was on his field, the head coach was on a different field and shared this experience.

While coaching (three players) on the furthest field from entrance, a non registered parent volunteer helping the other team, attempted to physically and verbally intimidate me. It has come to my attention, post game, that he had little to no understanding of the USA Soccer/(local organization) rules for the U7 division and that he thought I was belittling the kids on his team. As most of you have been on my team for several seasons, you will note that throughout my years of coaching, I have consistently held the same expectation for myself and for my boys- promote improvement and development, safety and confidence, and above all else, respect. I take my position as a coach extremely seriously as I recognize I am helping mold a new generations character and perception of women.

Because I was vocal about the rules and insistent they be followed, this man aggressively stomped across the field, got inches away my face - while flailing and pointing in my face - spitting everywhere - and yelled "you are pissing me off, coach - you are pissing me off!" What is especially egregious is the fact that this was all done in front of six and seven year old boys. I’m baffled by the thought that anyone would consider the physical intimidation and use of vulgarity towards a woman conducive to the development of boys. There is enough negativity bombarding our children that they shouldn't be susceptible to an added amount during a their morning soccer game.

I reported the incident to (the league) as soon as the game ended and they are in the process of taking disciplinary action. This man's public demonstration of his lack of respect for women, children and a structured family setting is disgusting and unacceptable. In the same way I do not allow our boys to participate in conduct unbecoming, I will not allow myself or my team to be subjected to this kind of potentially dangerous behavior.

As I said to (league directors), if I sound like an alarmist, it’s because I’m alarmed. This is horrible behavior that should not be tolerated, especially in the presence of impressionable children. Moving forward, I would like a written apology and his suspension from all practices and games for the remainder of the season.

I want to take this opportunity to set precedence and ensure this does not happen to any parent, volunteer or (organization) employee in the future. This is supposed to be a fun game where players and parents, alike, can enjoy themselves and grow from positive exchange. I am looking forward to a resolution and am happy to answer any questions at this evening's practice.

Since I was on a different field watching The Moose, making sure Pedro Tulo wasn't running on to the field, and trying to keep Luigi out of the sun, I completely missed this. I talked with the coach about this after the email, and she shared the story with me. As a referee, I've certainly seen awful parent and coaching behavior but not for kids this young. The goal of this league is to teach the game and encourage the kids to have fun. No one keeps score during the games (well, The Moose does), and it's true that everyone seems to want the kids to have fun.

A few days ago, I received an email from the coach:

It is with a heavy heart that I notify you of my resignation as (League) Volunteer Coach for the Spring 2018 season.

I will not be back for the Fall season but instead plan to move forward with another club.

This decision was incredibly difficult to make as I recognize the timing is terrible. However, although unfortunate, I hope my resignation provides a lasting reminder of much needed change within the club.

As I’m sure you are all aware, I love my boys dearly and only wish the very best for them. I leave being wholeheartedly grateful for the experience and time shared with all of you. Thank you for placing your trust in me and for allowing me to bond with your families. I have such beautiful memories of our team and hope our boys will continue to champion through.

At (league contact's) request, if you should have any questions for (organization), please feel free to reach out to him.

What the heck? There's definitely something missing here. Anyway, the assistant coach is now taking over as the head coach and a few other parents volunteered to help out. This is definitely a strange situation though.

Thursday, May 03, 2018

Sympathy For the Washington Capitals

Back in 2010 (again, this blog is old), I wrote a post celebrating the fact that the Washington Capitals lost a playoff series. Why am I bringing this up today, 8 years later? Last week, I was featured in a Washington Post article where I said I felt a little sympathy for the Caps (in response to the question of if I feel sympathy for the Caps). Clearly, I've matured over the last 8 years. That's bound to happen when you have kids. Plus, since the 2010 post, the Pens won two more Stanley Cups while the Caps still haven't made it past the second round. That definitely puts things in perspective.

Tuesday night though, I realized that maybe I haven't matured as much as I thought I have thanks to one person: Tom Wilson. Tom Wilson is not the volleyball in Cast Away with Tom Hanks or the neighbor on Home Improvement. This Wilson is a wing for the Washington Capitals and is arguably the dirtiest player in the NHL. I won't go through all of his transgressions, but just in the last two games he delivered head shots to Brian Dumoulin on Sunday, causing him to leave the game, and Zach Aston-Reese on Tuesday resulting in a broken jaw and concussion for Aston-Reese. Wilson also laughed after knocking out Aston-Reese. Good dude, right?

I'm sure Caps fans will bring (and have brought) up former Penguins Matt Cooke and Arron Asham. Cooke, like Wilson, delivered many cheap shots over the years, resulting in significant suspensions and requiring him to change how he played. Asham did this

and after the game apologized and said what he did was classless. Wilson has no remorse, saying that he plays a physical game. Caps coach Barry Trotz is standing by his player.

"Tom is obviously a big body. He’s tremendously strong and he hits hard. My first look at the hit, both guys are bracing for it. It was shoulder-to-shoulder and he just blew through him."

Shoulder to shoulder? Um, no.

Once again, I'm back to eight years ago. I haven't seen any Caps fans say that Wilson did anything wrong. One Caps fan who I'm friends with on Facebook wrote this on Tuesday night:

WOW!!!!!!!! C-A-P-S!!!!! CAPS CAPS CAPS!!!! One of the best games I’ve seen!!!!!

Must be nice to have a player on your team knock out an opponent, not receive a game misconduct or even a penalty, and then help set up the game-winning goal.

If this trip occurred in the second period of a regular season game, this is a penalty. With less than two minutes in the third period of a playoff game, I didn't expect a penalty to be called even though it was one.

On Wednesday evening, the NHL announced that Wilson is suspended for the next three games. Good. Of course, Caps fans aren't happy about this.

As long as Wilson is still on the Caps and the fans continue to unconditionally support him, there is no more sympathy.

Monday, April 30, 2018

2018 Pittsburgh Steelers Draft Recap

The 2018 NFL Draft occurred over the last few days, and I'm here to provide in-depth coverage of the Pittsburgh Steelers draft picks. And by in-depth, I mean that I provide a meaningful (or meaningless) tidbit about each player, usually based on their name.

Terrell Edmunds, Safety, Virginia Tech

What a name. Think about it. Terrell Edmunds will now be only 4th player in NFL history* named Terrell after Terrell Davis, Terrell Owens, and Terrell Suggs. All three of these Terrells are in the NFL Hall of Famer or will be one day. Actually, based on this history, Edmunds should have been the #1 overall draft pick. Sorry Cleveland Browns fans!

James Washington, WR, Oklahoma State

Nate Washington had an underrated career as a Steelers wide receiver. If James Washington matches Nate Washington's stats as a member of the Steelers, well, that would be a disappointment.

Mason Rudolph, QB, Oklahoma State

In cold December games in Pittsburgh, it's quite possible that Rudolph will get a red nose.

Chukwuma Okorafor, OL, Western Michigan

The name Chukwuma Okorafor reminds me of Chukky Okobi, the Steelers back-up center in the late 2000s. Okobi was also a rapper with his songs appearing on his MySpace page. I really wish his MySpace page was still around. It was awesome!

Marcus Allen, S, Penn State

Incredible player, but he's 58 now and making the switch from running back to safety could be tough. I guess he'll bring some veteran leadership as a rookie.

Jaylen Samuels, RB, NC State

Samuels had a now deleted tweet from 2011 where he wrote that the Steelers suck. Hey, we all write dumb tweets when we're young. I mean, I'm sure I wrote a tweet last week that I wish I could take back.

Joshua Frazier, DT Alabama

It's extremely important that Frazier stays on his feet and helps to stop the run since you don't want him to go down.

* This may not be true, but I'm going to say it is since it sounds better for this post. Seems like Terrelle Pryor should have changed the spelling of his name to Terrell.

You can view more of my amazing draft recaps of the Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins here.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Second Favorite Sports Team

Recently, The Moose (now 7) asked me to name my second favorite baseball team. I replied the San Diego Padres, he said oh, and that was the end of our conversation.

His question got me thinking. Can you have a second favorite professional sports team per sport? Almost ten years ago (man, this blog is old!), I asked who you would choose if you are forced to cheer for a professional football team other than the team you currently support. This is a variation of that question. There is nothing forced here. You probably have favorite NFL, MLB, NHL, and/or NBA teams. That is the team you always want to succeed. In many cases, there is unconditional love and loyalty involved (and the teams know this which is why they sell so much merchandise and can require season ticket holders to purchase personal seat licenses). Anyway, my first question is can you have a second favorite team? This is a team that you want to do well but who you would never support over your favorite team. My example from the 2008 blog post was the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Miami Dolphins. I'm always going to support the Steelers, but I like the Dolphins since they employed Pittsburgh legend Dan Marino as well as two people that went to my high school, Jason Taylor and Lousaka Polite. (Yes, everything comes back to Pittsburgh for me.)

In case you're wondering, the Padres are my second favorite baseball team from my time living in San Diego in the late 90s. I got to watch Tony Gwynn, one of the greatest hitters in baseball history, play regularly and followed the team as they reached the 1998 World Series, including attending a NLCS game against the Atlanta Braves.

Although they are now division rivals with the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Columbus Blue Jackets would qualify as my second favorite hockey team. This has more to do with history rather than the current team as I lived in Columbus when the team first came into existence. I saw many games during the team's inaugural season while working as a beer man roaming the upper level. Geoff Sanderson, Ron Tugnutt, and Espen Knutsen for life!

Please note that I'm leaving college sports out of this discussion since there are so many schools and affiliations. For example, I support the University of Pittsburgh teams and remember going to football games at Pitt Stadium as a kid. I also attended graduate school at The Ohio State University, so I root for the Buckeyes. My brother is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island, so I was all in when the Rams were in the men's NCAA basketball tournament last month. (I could go on here about my affiliations with George Mason University, San Diego State University, Duquesne University, and others, but I'm getting off topic.)

So can you have a second favorite professional team, and if so, who are your second (and first) favorite teams?

Photos by the Miami Dolphins and Getty Images.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

You Can't Get A Slice of Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake at 4:31 AM!

Breaking news from the Fairfax County Police Department News website:

DISORDERLY CONDUCT: Fair Oaks Shopping Center (Cheesecake Factory), April 17, 2018, 4:31a.m.

Officers responded to the location for a report of a woman yelling and acting erratically. When officers tried to speak with the woman she continued to yell profanities while trying to enter the business. When officers attempted to arrest the woman, she tried to pull her arms away. The woman also spit on one of the officers. Caroline Wilson, 26, of Fairfax, was charged with assault on law enforcement, disorderly conduct, and drunk in public.

I really, really, really want to know more about this story. For example, how drunk do you have to be to not realize that Cheesecake Factory is closed at 4:31 AM? Did Ms. Wilson want a piece of cheesecake or something else? Maybe Ms. Wilson arrived at Cheesecake Factory when it was open but only decided on what she wanted to order many hours later after searching through the largest menu on the planet.

I will be happy to provide more information about this story as it develops.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Trivia Tuesday: 80s Baseball & The US-Canada Border

We haven't had Trivia Tuesday in a while, but I thought I would try it again. Today's questions are a mix of 1980s baseball trivia and items about the United States-Canada border. Good luck!

1. MLB personnel testifying at the famed 1985 drug trial of Curtis Strong included Dale Berra, Keith Hernandez, Vida Blue, and Kevin Koch. While not a player, Koch provided prominent professional players in Pennsylvania with cocaine while serving as what alliterative avian mascot?

2. The Haskell Free Library and Opera House is unusual in that the Canada-U.S. Border goes through the middle of the building. Name EITHER the Canadian province or the U.S. state that is home to this building. (Sean's Note: I just learned that this place existed and really want to go now.)

3. It is used for veterinary purposes as a hoof antiseptic and suggests that it can be used to treat eczema, psoriasis, and dandruff. But perhaps its most striking application was, in the words of author Mike McKenzie, briefly giving one future Hall of Famer "the ignominious distinction of hitting a game-losing home run" and another future Hall of Famer "a save by giving up a hit into the seats." Name this substance, now addressed in a comment to MLB Rule 3.02(c).

4. If you drive north over the entire length of Interstate 29 beginning in Kansas City, Missouri, you will enter Canada at the Emerson Port of Entry, which is located in what Canadian province?

5. He led the leader in batting average (1980), doubles (1981, 1983), and at bats (1982), but his name rarely evokes those things. Name this longtime left fielder/first baseman who is also not best remembered for being traded from the Chicago Cubs for Mike Brumley and Dennis Eckersley in 1984.

6. The border community of Warroad, Minnesota is perhaps best known for being the hometown of what American hockey player who scored four shootout goals, including the game winning goal, in a game against Russia at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics? This player played his first NHL game in 2008 for the St. Louis Blues, and currently plays for the Washington Capitals.

7. When completed, the Gordie Howe International Bridge will compete with what existing bridge between Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario?

8. He was the NL's DH for the first-ever AAA All-Star Game and reportedly the first minor leaguer to be kissed by the famed Morganna the Kissing Bandit. His brief MLB career with the Pirates and Astros was unmemorable, except that he remains, nearly 30 years later, the last left-handed thrower to play an MLB game at catcher. Name this player. (Sean's Note: This player has also been mentioned on this blog several times over the years. Actually, more than one person found my blog because they searched for "[Player Name] married" and discovered Sean's Ramblings.)

9. The only stadium to debut (and open) in the 1980s that remains an active MLB stadium is almost certainly the only stadium in the world that is 1,500 feet shorter than a building adjacent to it. Give either name for this stadium that, between 2008-13, experienced higher fan turnout for the NFL games it hosted than for its resident baseball club.

Please do not use the internet for assistance, and leave your answers in the comments section below.

These questions are from two recent LearnedLeague one-day specials. If you're interested in joining LearnedLeague, I have a referral for next season, so please contact me.

Monday, April 16, 2018

The Maserati of SUVs

I'm not a car person. I just want something that is reliable and gets me where I need to go. Because of this, I also tend to ignore car commercials. However, I recently saw this commercial for Levante and it got me thinking. I'm at the point of my life where I own and need to drive an SUV since we have three kids. Maybe I've always wanted a Maserati. Now, I can have the Maserati of SUVs!

Of course, the end of the commercial I saw stated that this SUV starts at around $74K. And that's the point where I'm out. I mean, I draw the line at $72K!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Sean The Matchmaker

After a long search, I finally found someone for musician Avril Lavigne.

You're very welcome for this 15+ year old song reference.

Thursday, April 05, 2018

2018 Celebrate Fairfax

It's early April, the cherry blossoms are about to bloom, and those of us in the Washington DC area should be enjoying spring. Instead, we're looking at the possibility of snow on Saturday. Still, spring really is coming and so is warm weather. Celebrate Fairfax feels the same way and has Super Early Bird tickets on sale now through April 10th. Before I get into ticket prices, you may wonder what Celebrate Fairfax is all about (though if you've read my blog over the years, you already know the answer).

The 37th annual Celebrate Fairfax! Festival is being held June 8-10, 2018 at the Fairfax County Government Center in Northern Virginia. Festival highlights include family programing, craft beer, Virginia wine, a silent disco, 40+ thrilling carnival rides, nightly fireworks, and the following headlining performances:

Friday, June 8th: Good Charlotte

In my opinion, Good Charlotte was the last group to become big courtesy of MTV and may be underappreciated because of this. Good Charlotte is from Waldorf, Maryland so this will be a bit of a homecoming for the Madden twins and company.

Saturday, June 9th: Gin Blossoms & Sugar Ray

This should be fun. Somehow, I don't think I've ever seen the Gin Blossoms perform. That will change this year. Sugar Ray played at Celebrate Fairfax many years ago and put on a fun show. I'll just type fun one last time here.

Sunday, June 10th: Cracker

I like this song. If you're coming to Celebrate Fairfax on Sunday, you'll get Cracker and Sunday Brew, a pop-up beer festival featuring local and regional breweries and two stages of non-stop entertainment.

Besides the headliners, there are nearly 130 performances, 40+ food vendors, hundreds of exhibitors, and so much more. Plus, PSISTORM CUP VI esports Arena is Celebrate Fairfax!’s newest addition to the festival. The esports Arena will provide the ultimate fan experience by featuring “Open Play” all weekend and a 2-day StarCraft II Tournament. There will also be tournaments for Madden, FIFA, Smash Brothers and more!

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, Super Early Bird tickets are on sale now for only $14 for a weekend pass or $8 for admission for one-day. I know I say this every year, but you're going to pay more than $8 just for ticket fees for many concerts. Plus, there's so much more than the headliners at Celebrate Fairfax.

More information about the festival is available at See you in June!

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Colin Moran: The Coin Man

On Monday, the Pittsburgh Pirates defeated the Minnesota Twins 5-4 to remain undefeated through four games of the 2018 season. The Pirates scored all five runs in the first inning with four courtesy of a grand slam by one of the newest Pirates, Colin Moran.

Fun stat: Colin Moran is only the third Pirates player to hit a Grand Slam in a home opener. The others are Hall of Famers Ralph Kiner and Roberto Clemente. That's some good company.

After Moran hit the grand slam, the Pittsburgh Pirates twitter account sent out the following tweet:

Actually, the original tweet was: "CALL HIM THE MAN COIN MORAN!!!" It was quickly deleted but not before I saw it (though I wasn't quick enough to get a screen shot). I like The Man Coin as a nickname though The Coin Man is even better. So that's my suggested nickname for Moran. Just think of the possibilities. He "deposited" the home run into the right field seats. After making a nice defensive play at third base, he gobbled up the loose change. After a bases-clearing double, The Coin Man made it rain. Personally, I think The Coin Man nickname makes a lot of cents! (See what I did there?)

Wouldn't the post-game celebration for Moran be more fun with coins or at least chocolate gelt?

I hope this nickname sticks!

Photos by Justin Berl / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
Photoshop courtesy of Doug Vogel.