Friday, February 04, 2005

Random Thoughts

- As a Steeler fan, it's hard to get excited for the Super Bowl. Both New England and Philly are good teams, but I honestly don't care who wins.

- To make things worse, the commercials sound like they are going to be tame and not very good this year. Every advertiser is so worried about the Janet Jackson backlash (accept for the Cialis, Levitra, & Viagra). I saw a story on NBC News tonight where a woman said that she will give the Super Bowl "another try this year."

- Speaking of regulation, would the FCC allow "That's My Bush" to come back? It only lasted on Comedy Central for a few months and I don't remember if it was funny or if anyone watched it (my guess is no to both).

- Has a DVD of the TV series Perfect Strangers come out yet?

- I'm looking forward to The Simpsons Super Bowl special.

- I haven't totally given up being a soccer ref yet. I'm doing 4 youth games tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.

- Recruiting in college football is much tougher than I thought. Thanks to X-Box and NCAA Football 2005, I'm now the head coach for the Miami Redhawks. After a 10-3 season and a bowl victory, I thought recruiting would be easier. I did turn down head coaching jobs at Alabama and Washington to stay in Oxford, Ohio. X-Box is great!

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