Saturday, February 26, 2005

Sports Guy Intern Search (Chuck Bell Update)

Round II of the ESPN Sports Guy Intern search has cut the number of finalists from 25 to 16. Ithaca College grad and all-around good guy, Chuck Bell has made the cut. I wrote this last week, but if it comes down to a vote, please vote for Chuck.

Of the 9 candidates who were eliminated from the intern search are the two grads from the University of Rhode Island (also my brother's alma mater). But it's not a total loss for URI; the men's basketball team defeated Saint Joseph's 65-60. In honor of URI's win (they only have five this year), they get the lyric of the day (or week).

We're Rhode Island born;
and we're Rhode Island bred;
and when we die we'll be Rhode Island dead!
So, go go Rhode Island, Island!
Go, go Rhode Island, Island!
Go Rhode Island, U - R - I!

- URI's fight song

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