Sunday, February 27, 2005

Oscar Ramblings

8:45: Chris Rock was good. He has my vote if he wants to host again.

8:46: Why are the nominees for Art Direction on stage? Are they trying to save time for the awards that most people care about?

8:48: Direct deposit went through for my new job. There’s money in the checking account. Just in time to pay bills.

8:50: Morgan Freeman wins. I’m 1 for 1 on my predictions.

9:00: The Make-Up winners are now speaking in the middle of the aisle. They really are trying to save time for the more-important awards. Why is Dustin Hoffman so excited for the people who just won in this category?

9:08: Beyonce’s French sounds much better than Celine Dion’s English.

9:10: MasterCard commercial: not priceless, but funny.

9:13: The Chris Rock-Magic Johnson theatre sketch was extremely funny. Apparently, I was not the only person who thought White Chicks got snubbed. A+ for the Martin Lawrence cameo.

9:14: Was Scarlett Johansson really honored to host the Science and Technical Awards?

9:20: I completely forgot that Tim Robbins won last year for Best Supporting Actor. Was it for Bull Durham?

9:22: 1 for 2. Cate Blanchett was my second choice.

9:24: Oh yeah. Mystic River. We actually rented that movie. Tim Robbins was very good. Meat.

9:32: The Aviator is winning all of the “minor” awards. It’s looking like this could be their night.

9:37: The question of the night: Are Adam Duritz’s dreds aren’t real? Discuss.

9:48: Is John Dykstra, who just won for visual effects for Spiderman 2, related to former Met and Phillie Lenny Dykstra?

10:05: Beyonce twice in one night. Look out! The Phantom of the Opera is right next to you! I’m sure Jay-Z has her back.

10:16: I take it Gisele is not at the Oscars for her role in Taxi with Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon

10:21: It’s not like this is news, but Salma Hayek looks really good.

10:28: I knew Beyonce. Beyonce was a friend of mine. Antonio Banderas, you’re no Beyonce. Was Marc Anthony unavailable?

10:48: I say or think this every year. When the Oscars do the tribute to those in the movie world who have died in the past year, I always feel bad for those who don’t get much or any applause.

10:56: Why isn’t P Diddy wearing a T-shirt saying Listen to the Polar Express song or Die?

10:57: Beyonce is back again. She might as well get the rest of Destiny’s Child, kick Josh Groban off stage and start singing Jumpin’ Jumpin’ or Soldier.

11:03: Sean Penn - get off the stage. The Jude Law comment was 2.5 hours ago. Are you really that offended? Don’t answer that question.

11:07: Hilary Swank won her second Academy Award for Best Actress. I really should see this movie as well as Boys Don’t Cry and The Next Karate Kid.

11:12: The snow is coming. No school delays or closings yet, but I’m sure there is panic throughout the region.

11:20: Not as much money in the checking account.

11:26: Congrats to Jamie Foxx!

11:30: I know the Oscars are only minutes away from being over, but I’m going to sleep. I’ll have final Oscar thoughts tomorrow.

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