Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Why Do People Hate Hillary Clinton?

Although I rarely discuss politics, now is as good a time as any since the Iowa caucus is on January 3, 2008 (that’s tomorrow!). While many Americans have opinions about the presidential candidates, no one elicits such strong feelings as Democratic candidate and former First Lady Hillary Clinton. There seem to be a lot of folks out there who truly and passionately hate Hillary Clinton. My question is why?

I posed this question to Robert Bluey of Bluey Blog and director of the Center for Media & Public Policy at The Heritage Foundation, a think tank whose mission is “to formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.” Speaking for himself and not necessarily for The Heritage Foundation, Rob wrote the following:

Americans began to dislike Hillary during the 1992 campaign and only grew more hostile throughout her husband's eight years in the White House. I think part of the problem stems from the fact she had no intention of following the typical role of first lady, preferring instead to be a political bulldog. This partisanship alienated a large number of Americans who won't soon forget the Hillary of old no matter how hard she tries to remake herself.

Keep in mind that during Bill Clinton's eight years as president, America became a country deeply divided along partisan lines, leading to the contentious 2000 election. This wasn't entirely Clinton's fault, but because Hillary was so closely identified with his political and policy objectives -- beginning with her failed health care plan -- Americans were left with a bad taste.

This seems like a fair sentiment, but if Bill Clinton is responsible, even partially, for the country’s partisan division, why is he hated far less than this wife? So I ask these questions to anyone out there: Why do people hate Hillary Clinton or why do you hate Hillary Clinton?

“Because she is a bitch” is not an acceptable answer. Do you not like her ideas, are not comfortable with a female president or is it something else? If you’re going to leave feedback, please keep your comments constructive.

If this entire topic is too deep for you, don’t worry. I’m sure that I’ll write about the Steelers or California Tortilla very soon.

Update: Smart Bitches took this post even further with an excellent post and over 100 comments. It's a great read.


Aileen said...

I don't hate her, but I have my thoughts about why others do.

Basically, I think people feel she does not fit the mold of what a woman is "supposed" to be. She is not warm, caring, and nurturing. She is too inbtelligent, which can appear as cold and calculating. She is fiercely ambitious, and will go to any length to reach her goals. Yet others feel she turned a blind eye to her husband's indiscretions just so she could make a political deal.

So, yeah, it comes down to gender. Most of these issues wouldn't be an issue if she were a man.

Anonymous said...

As a Democrat, I don't hate Clinton. I won't vote for her, though, because she talks out both sides of her mouth, trying to please all voters rather than speak the honest truth of what she believes in. For this reason, I don't really know what she stands for and that makes me distrust her.

This doesn't mean, however, that I wouldn't vote for her if she won the party's nomination. I would because we need to wrest the WH out of GOP hands.

Anonymous said...

I think she's too ambitious. It has nothing to do with her gender! Absolutely Nnthing! Intelligent, ambitious women are great as long as they also have principles and a conscience.

I'm from NY, and when she came to our state and ran for senator, it was such a clear political move it made me sick. Of course she'll choose one of the largest and most powerful states- why run in her own state when she can more to NY?

Also, just look at her record! She flip-flops on every issue, from the war in Iraq to the recent debate in which she changed her stance on driver's licenses for illegals in a matter of minutes!

Another thing, and this is what really angers me personally. My brother went to a military academy, and you need a "nomination" from a congressman. You just e-mail one, and they review you (I guess your resume or something) and nominate you or not. My brother emailed Clinton several times, and she never even responded. It's a little thing, but what makes her so high-and-mighty that she can't even respond to the needs of her constituents! Is it because my brother's a white male, or just because she can't be bothered with the people?

So those are some of the reasons that I hate Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Simply put. She is not attractive and doesn't show her boobs.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first anonymous - I don't have a clue how she really stands on any policy, as she never seems to give a straight answer to anything - very frustrating!

And I think the fact that she doesn't show her boobs is a point in her favor - yuck.

Sean said...

Thanks to everyone so far for the comments. I appreciate the thoughtful feedback.

I wanted to keep this as a serious discussion, but I have to admit that I laughed at the 2nd anonymous response.

Harley said...

Okay I already commented on the Bitches' page (and it was lengthy!) but I just wanted to say that here in Ireland we now have our second female president and she's quite capable. In fact we like her so much we voted her back in once her first term was up. She has never been accused of being swayed by emotion or being hormonal, and sure, I've heard people call her a bitch, but not always in a negative way. So she's tough - who doesn't want a tough leader?

Everybody I've spoken to so far over here seems to think Hillary would be the best thing that's happened to America in a good long while.

For my part I don't care whether you vote for Obama or Clinton as long as that Dumb Git you elected the last TWO TIMES (TWO! Come on people!!) is out of the White House. The fate of more countries than just your own rests in your hands. Please. Just take a look at Iraq and Afghanistan!

Anonymous said...

She doesn't have faith in families. If it were up to her, children would be in government day-cares while the mothers of our country went to work for "Equal Pay." She misses the picture. We need to make it so dads can support the family well enough so mom can stay home and nurture America's children. This would strengthen America a hundred fold if mothers were at home nurturing America's future. Hillary doesn't know what it means to be a true women.

I count my blessings every day that I have a wife who stays home and nurtures our three small children. It would be nice to have extra money, bigger house, nicer cars, but a strong family is more important.


One of the few lucky ones who can afford to have mom at home.

Unknown said...

Hate Hillary?

Anonymous said...

I just think she is a closet racist and overt sexist. "What is a white male to do?"
Go to the hot place, Hillary. We don't need your kind running our country.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that there is a subconscious reason for why we hate hillary clinton. We Americans elected George Bush Senior's son for two terms- and now our best choice is Bill Clinton's wife? These are "establishment people" who know how to raise lots of money, have all the right political contacts, know how to run campaigns etc. There is a machine like efficiency about the way Hillary has been running her campaign - sort of reminiscent of Karl Rove/Bush. Thats probably what I hate the most. Its not Hillary's fault - I just would like a fresh face -- somebody different and inspiring. Obama, McCain, Romney, Guiliani are all better, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Though I would vote for whichever candidate would win the Democratic nomination - Clinton or Obama - I do lean toward Hillary Clinton mainly because her experience seems to have better prepared her for the tough nasty aspect of politics. I would love to be idealistic and think that a fresh approach will actually achieve fabulous results, but I think the only way that a fresh approach can win politically is if it has the strong support of the American people. Unfortunately, we are far too politically complacent a people to give a politician the type of support needed to push through bills that are too politically contraversial. Therefore, we need a candidate who is skilled enough at playing the current style of politics - where I view Hillary as that candidate.

Anonymous said...

To the post about Hilary not supporting the american family and promoting government run day care - you really need to look at her resume, she has worked on behalf of women and children since before she graduated law school, to provide help for domestic violence victims even before America knew there was a problem with domestic violence and to improve schools just to name a few of her projects. I believe that this misperception of Hilary is why she is hated in AMerica. People have assumed that what is written in the newspapers, tabloids and what is said on talk radio on the talking heads on TV is who she is. She has constantly been put on the defensive and that would make anyone look like a bitch. In reality she has worked very hard her entire career to make things better for women, for families and for those she has represented either as a lawyer, and advocate, a First Lady of Arkansas, First Lady of The United States and Senator. I say, if the AMerican people would finally give her the benefit of the doubt, she would prove to be an advocate for America and turn this country around. Pie in the sky, maybe, but we could use a little hope and perhaps we need a woman's touch to get it.

Anonymous said...

I hate her because she is a typical scheming manipulative female who has achieved power by using a powerful man, yet she hates such men if they are not under her control. I hate her because she will adopt a fake accent to pander to her audience. Where would she be if she was not the wife of Bill Clinton?

Anonymous said...

She is a SOCIALIST at her very core.
She is about wealth redistribution in order to gain votes (and power.) She is two-faced and flip-flops constantly (the war, driver licenses for ILLEGAL aliens, etc.) She is about reliance on government as opposed to self-reliance. Would you like me to go on?

Anonymous said...

I love how people who vote for only BECAUSE she is a woman, say others hate her 'because she is a woman.' Maybe people don’t like her because she is double talking, manipulative politician, with poor plans for the direction of the country. I really don’t see the love people have for the Clintons, if you had neighbors who acted like them, they would the talk of the neighborhood at how sleazy they are.

J Crockett said...

Why are so many people anonymous? Are you afraid that Hillary will come and find you?

The reason why Hillary lost my respect is when she started playing the race card and started being immature with her dirty mud slinging and attempts to turn Obama's supporters against him.

When people fight unfair or hit below the belt, to me, that shows weakness.

I think Hillary is about her own agenda. I don't feel that Hillary really cares to help America. I truly believe that it is and always has been about power for her. That is scary to hire someone who is so much so concerned about power that they lose sight of what truly matters.

I am not so sure that my concerns as an African-American single, thirty-something professional woman with NO children and no husband...(and happy)...will be addressed by Hillary in a way that will come with results.


Anonymous said...

I think it is time for a Hillary!!! WAKE UP WOMEN AND PEOPLE. Obama appears to be cocky, smug and confident....but, under the layers of all that confidence is a very angry man. Looks like if he gets pissed, he becomes a bully! women are so incredibly jealous and envious! thats why women are where they are today! Seems like women feel "a man" needs to be in control and lead them!!!! how SAD!!!! WAKE UP WOMEN!!! Don't be fooled! We need a Hillary! Just because she is smart, can wheel and deal with the best of them (MEN) and hold her own! Just don't be the Kennedy's (what is their track record)... White, affluent men are voting for Obama because they don't care if the MAN is red, yellow, black or red....They would rather a man, any man, over a WOMAN! Younger generation is just wanting to shake things up (like paris hilton with the "little dog craze" and the Jolie's and Madonna's adopting "our black babies". WAKE UP WOMEN, YOUNGER GENERATION, PEOPLE OF ALL WALKS OF LIFE, RACES, ETC.!!!!! WE NEED A HILLARY CLINTON. MY VOTE WILL BE FOR HER, AND I BELIEVE SHE WILL BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES....I HAVE PUT IN DOWN IN PRAYER...AND, GOD'S WILL IS HIS WILL!

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton will get my vote. She is ready, she was ready before and will continue to be ready for whatever crops up. It is so very sad that Americans follow the Oprah's, Will Smith's, ..... Just because they say "fart", people do it! "IF" Obama would win the nomination and then "IF" he would win the presidency...He would be split into tiny little pieces to be put in the pockets of "who got him there"... It is so sad how Americans just act like puppets and "do as they are told"..seems like they can't think... thats why they are bilked by the "Juanita Bynums, Oprah's, etc. Foolish people!!!!! Do some research on Hillary, not just what you are being told and read in the tabloids... just get it!

Anonymous said...

This essay says it all:

Anonymous said...

I am a white man from New York,upstate Ny ,not the city.I am a democrat and the reason i would not vote for Hillary is she has done nothing,again nothing for the people in upstate NY.I new she was using NY as a stepping stone to the white house and saw that from the beginning.I still did not hate her and would have voted for her if she won the nomination.But seeing the way she has run her campaign after getting some heat from Obama,make me ill.Obama now will receive my support and vote.I also must add I despise this current Bush regime and can begin to see the Clinton machine for its true color's as there corination for the nomination is not coming to light.Its all about the power grab,and there desperation is unsetteling

Anonymous said...

For some reason or another, sexism is still a problem here in America. Many people do not respect a woman of authority as they do in other nations. Personally I think that is exactly what this country needs. A popular answer to this question is "She's a bitch". That is just plain ignorant. They say that because they fear her independence. The sad thing is a woman has to be like Hillary to be in charge. It's basically a catch 22. If she is sweet and charismatic, then people would say she isnt tough enough to run the country. If she is bold and assertive, she's just a "bitch". It really isnt a fair judgement. Hillary is treated differently than other candidates out there. Have any of the other candidates, past or present been asked "How do you plan to keep your spouse in check if you were to win the office?" For some reason, women are still expected to just stand by the side (and a little behind) their man in this country. We all need to wake up and put our sexists views aside and just do what is right. She has got my vote. I'm a strong male that is not AFRAID to be led by a woman.

Anonymous said...

I think that most people “hate” Hillary for reasons that they can not logically point out to anyone other than those who agree with them. “Hate” her? What has she done? I think that one thing is certain that Bill Clinton’s presidency was the most investigated in US history. The subterfuge was effective because it worked to destroy the credibility of both the Pres. and his wife. Coincidence? We have other “respectable” Dem. voices in gov’t who have abandoned logic and careful analysis in favor of a “message.” They have worked to dissolve this race into a race about race…and, of course, gender. Honestly, do we care if the president wears stilettos or favors southern cuisine?

As far as a race about “firsts”, I don’t think that Hillary really cares about the whole one small step for women, one great leap for mankind as the Obama camp. You can’t turn your head without another reference to MLK or stump by some black official on what this means for black America. For crying out loud, we nearly guillotined a man just a few months ago because he said “nappy headed ho’s” and now we are all about “firsts”. I think the first “first” in the racial issues within this country would have been when “nappy headed” was as acceptable as “cracker” but you know that this is certainly not the case.

Hillary has less invested in being the “first woman” than does Obama being the “first black” because Hillary does not need to rest on the message of “firsts”; she is running on substance, experience and a proven track record. Obama on the other hand has nothing but the “making history” propelling his run. He has a long tiring speech that spellbinds the disenfranchised and uninspired citizenry to a cause that he really has no experience to cure. But, rather than having the class and integrity to step aside and allow a seasoned politician with a proven track record to begin working on this nation’s difficulties, he has transformed into a classic pedagogue spouting a litany of platitudes and promises. Gee, have we ever seen these characteristics in another administration? Warning signs?!

I don’t think that Dems really “hate” Hillary, but rather, they just don’t like or trust themselves. The fact that Dems in leadership positions have allowed these past 7 years of numerous occasions of deceit to go completely unaddressed is absolutely cowardly. Think back to when we nearly impeached a president for a ***&** in the Oval Office. How could people like Ted Kennedy and fellow alums just sit back and let this administration trudge forward aimlessly while treading (read stomping) on all of the civil liberties that once made this a unique and powerful country? There is an old adage that you can’t really love someone else until you love yourself: apply this adage to most Democrats.

Dems in general have become weak, lazy, disempowered thinkers and “lovers” when it comes to politics. I for one am embarrassed that I spent as much time thinking that they would be able to really figure out that they are their own worst enemies. I think that if Hillary loses this one, she and Bill BOTH need to pack it up and go on the lecture circuit. What is the point of being a loyal, committed civil servant with a proven track record if that is actually something that can be used as a form of liability instead of reliability. Good grief.

Anonymous said...

What is so sad is that people are not taking a look at who the real Hillary Clinton is she has been involved in so much FRAUD.Before and after her stint at the White House:

Her major donor has been arrested for fraud bu the FBI:

She is a manipulator just like BUSH people wake up!!!

She has no experience and NAFTA was created by her husband, REMEMBER!!

I think should really go on the internet and rememeber who we are dealing with!!!

She is no Angel and uses the Feminism act when it suits her purpose is that who we want as President, and as a women I take offence, that is why men don`t take us seriously!!! Who cares if you are asked a question first, if you are ready and capable you should just answer and show your strength.

Another thing, yes it is sad that her husband was having an affair but have you not noticed that she even uses that also to her convenience. That is the the SCARY part, someone who will lower her self that low will do ANYTHING!!!!

Lastly the fact that someone has to use Negative campaigns to win, reminds me so much of our current administration.
McCain will have a field day with Clinton and I guarantee she will lose the Independents will go to McCain and another 4 years of Republican!!!

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton had no experience, but he surrounded himself with a great team!

The difference between Bill Clinton and his wife is that he brings people together and she does not!That will be the difference between a democrat winning or a republican winning.

The Republicans have so much negatives on Clinton that they will bury her candidacy!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see a woman lead this country - but not Hillary!! I do feel women on the whole have innate qualities (different from men as a whole), such as empathy, ability to take others' perspectives, less prone to the 'gang' mentality and simply less violent, which just might benefit this sadly governed world. I could go on about that, but it's off topic. First, Hillary Clinton, in every word, every action, is so transparently self-absorbed. As someone else mentioned, if she was just my next door neighbor, we clearly would not be friends. She is not just a snake - she's the self-imposed Queen Bee Snake. Hillary Clinton is NOT smart (as people seem to readily claim). Have you ever listened to her talk? She talks like a car salesman - just selling herself, not saying anything worthwhile at all - just campaign hype - no clear answer to any question I've ever heard asked! If she was actually smart, she would notice this and clearly answer a question. Sure, all politicians try to annoyingly please everyone, while not really saying much of substance, but she is the most aggravating of them all! She is also a socialist, and I fear for the upper-middle-class tax hikes I'd soon be subject to so that pregnant crack addicts can kill their unborn children in the 8 1/2th month free of charge, but I struggle harder to afford college for the 4 children I loved from their first heartbeat. She says she stands for women's rights, but she clings to a man who publicly betrayed her for political gain. She is NOT the role model I want for my daughters in any way, shape, or form. And as a bonus, her voice is worse than fingernails on the chalkboard. Obama is slicker than oil and I'm not crazy about him, but he does seem to have a heart in there somewhere, and at least his slick answers are actually slick (something that does take a little talent and intellect). Hillary tries to be slick but she's not good enough to get away with it. She just comes off as a self-interested faker. Let's remember, folks, it's the impression other countries have of our leader - not just our leader's opinion on abortion or taxes - that will affect how well we play together.

- an independent, graduate-degreed, professional knowledge worker and proud parent in San Francisco. Pro-life, pro-environment, pro-gay and equal rights, pro-affirmative action recruiting (but not quotas, pro-womens leadership.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I hate Hillary Clinton. But it's absolutely ridiculous to suggest that people hate her because she didn't play the first lady role by baking biscuits or whatever. That's what the Hillary lovers would like to believe, but it's simply not true. Other prominent wives such as Princess Diana come to mind. She was an outspoken activist, yet still honest, gracious (as both men and women should be), and guess what - people loved her. It's not a perfect example, and I'm not sure Diana had the stuff to lead a country like the US. But it's simply Hillary's core personality that is abraaaaaasive! She is smug and appears she never actually listens to anyone - she is one of those people you instantaneously dislike because you see "her agenda" behind her eyes. Haven't you ever known someone that was simply not very likeable? They just seemed rather evil and not trustworthy? Surely many of us have known people like that and decided it best not to become good friends. This person just happens to be trying to lead our country, so the consequences of that happening are certainly alarming. In fairness, she may not be any of the things I perceive - she may just lack the skills to be perceived in her true light (if that light is good). But that's a dangerous set of skills to lack if you're president.

USRanger said...

Hillary is a hateful person who lives a life of double standards and acts as if she is above reproach.
I observed both Bill and Hillary in the White House on a military assignment.
While both are anti-military, it was Hillary that unleashed venomous comments to the military around her.
While there is much I dislike about Bill, he has an amazing presence. When he would walk in the room it was an almost tangible aura. He was very quick to remember names, smooth and disarming.
Hillary was nothing like that. Her smiles seems contorted and contrived. She would yell at staff and then turn around and smile. She once left her bible in the limo and when a soldier went to retrieve it she said don't bother it is just a prop.
Depending on the day (or hour) she would have selective memory, exaggerate and play various cards of race, gender, pro-Iraq, anti-Iraq, pro-Woman, anti-feminism, as long as it benifitted her.
Really she is rather dispicable.
As far as Kali's comments above: I love to hear of women doing great things--and there are so many excellent examples. Hillary is not to be lauded simply for being a woman. A leader must have traits of integrity, clear vision, transparency, congruency and deep caring of people. Hillary falls short on all accounts.
Back to Kali. Europeans hate Americans. I know, I lived there for 11 years. I could write a rather lengthy blog about their politics and generalities but simmer it down to the following. Europenans are arrogant, hate others who do not defer to them and know what they don't like but not what they do like. A continent of critics--backseat drivers.
More later.

fieryindependent said...

I never used to hate Hillary, but after the sleazy way she's attacked Obama the past few months, my feelings have turned from apathy to disdain. For me, it has nothing at all to do with gender. She's just a disgusting person, morally speaking. She will do or say anything to acheive her goals. Sometimes she even believes her own lies (e.g. The Bosnia sniper-fire story) It used to be just Republicans who hated her. Now, with primary season winding down she has isolated new segments of the American electorate: many independents, Obamacans, college educated liberals, and what used to be Billary's political core, African-Americans. Obama brushes off his shoulder when he encounters Hillary-he's a better man that I.

Anonymous said...

okay why do i hate hillary well as a arkansasan native i was extremelyhappy to see bill clinton go to the white house but then again i sat with the rest of the world in front of the television and watch bill put his foot in his mouth time and time again. And with every remark about how he tried it but never inhaled it became more evident that his policies were coming from his wife. I know alot of ppl say that our economy today is because of george bush. And bill Clinton left the country in alot better shape. The reason for this is bill clinton had no balls. The biggest policy he ever tried to push was his wife's failed health care plan. Then whattayaknow ole slick willy gets caught having an affair. so with hillary to the rescue claiming that the whole thing was an elaborate set up. A SETUP!!!!!! why in the hell would someone set a president up for something like that. Its stupid. Simple fact is some men all through history have cheated on their wifes. GET OVER IT. What alot of ppl do not know is that the world trade center actually faced two seperate attacks one when they came down and one during the clinton regime. Now conspiracy theorists claim that the clintons were told who did it but did not want to go to war with al-quida, thinking it would hurt hillary's chances of becomeing president. Okay now lets move on. Hillary in her ever-quest for more power decides to run for senator of new york instead of her home state wich by the way she knew she would lose there. Now she wins in new york why i couldnt tell you but one thing she did do is take out smoking in public places (in a nut shell she is taking ppls rights to be assholes) go to new york and ask ppl what they think about it now. I bet you will find a suprising answer. so hillary tries to become president. Now by this point hillary is completely wrapped up in her own mind and totally out of touch with the american ppl that it isnt funny. its at this time she makes up the lies as she is talking for example the bosnia story. To put the whole thing plain and simple hillary will lie, accuse and change laws to get what she wants and in my opnion that is more power. Mark my word if hillary ever sees the oval office america will no longer be a decomcracy it will become an anarchy.

Anonymous said...

I just think Arkansas is the armpit of the world.

Bill said...

Maybe the 1 Million people displaced in Iraq have reason to hate her, or the 1 million people stuck in Gazas concentration camp. All of this while Mrs Clinton actively supports the governments inflicting these humanitarian crisis'. Any body that supports her needs a history lesson and a slap.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

She's offensive to my eyes and my ears. Possibly the most hated woman in the world bar none.

I think that is by design. It is the role she must play. A distraction from the true culprits. A focal point for hatred which take's the heat off more politically significant people.

Anonymous said...

Those of you who love Hillary, should be married to her for life and then you will understand why Bill did what he did and still does! You all are a bunch of dumb twits and deserve each other and the horrible crummy lives you live and try to force on the rest of us. Do us all a favor and go to the nearest bridge over a river and jump in! And dont come back ever! I am so tired of having you dumbass political wantabees filling the void with your vitreal about who you love and who you hate and what I should be doing. You all can go F**K yourselves, and do me a favor and quit using my oxygen and kill yourselves! Thanks for nothing you pieces of crap!

Anonymous said...

I read do you want to be bill and Hillarys friend. they had 47 friends, and there all dead, Under strange curcumstances. and one of there aids said he killed for the Clintons and that they were Evil to the core. People wake up and do some in depth research.

Anonymous said...

Egypt claims that Obama and Hillary Clinton are part of a conspiracy with the Muslim Brotherhood. Why are the Saudis giving her money unless she is doing something in return? They also funded ISIS and most of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudis. Bill is sterile and Chelsea is the daughter of her old law partner. His buddy Epstein raped an 11 year old girl on his island in the Caribbean. Bill was right down there with him. Hillary laughed on tape about getting her child molester client a light sentence remember? So when did she find out Bill was a child molester and what has she done? She stayed with him! Christopher was supposed to have been a friend of hers but where was she and where was Obama when he needed their help in Libya? Who gave the stand-down order. Another dead friend like the berated Vince Foster. What a witch.