Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Post About...Nothing

This post will be like a Seinfeld episode, except that it will most likely not be funny. Nothing exciting is happening. The news and conversation around the area is dominated by the weather. EVERY major school district in the DC Metro area was closed today. The Federal Government and my office closed at 3:00. All for about 3 inches of snow so far today. But there is a WINTER STORM WARNING until 1:00AM where we may get another few inches. Like every snowstorm, the grocery stores are probably low on milk and toilet paper.

In an entirely unrelated note (this could be played by Kramer), I went to see my doctor yesterday as a follow-up from August when I had a high cholesterol reading. Before August's appointment, I had some form of cheese (cheese sandwiches, pizza, etc.) and Little Debbie Swiss Cake rolls almost everyday. I am optimistic that my cholesterol reading will be much better, not only because I have cut back on cheese, but I have also lost 16 pounds since the appointment! Granted I gained 10 pounds on my honeymoon just before August's appointment, but hooray for me.


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