Friday, March 25, 2005

Spring Break Locust Attack

During last night's TV coverage of the NCAA Tournament, I saw a promo about a CBS TV Movie coming in April. The title: Locusts. On its website, CBS has a 5-second preview of the movie with buzzing and the tagline, "If you can hear the buzz, it's too late." Through a little research, I found out the Lucy Lawless of Xena fame will be the star (and a bigger name than the OC girl in Spring Break Shark Attack). For the record, I knew nothing about the Locusts movie when I wrote on Monday, "I'm surprised there wasn't a movie last spring about the cicadas attacking the earth." I guess someone last spring DID think about this.

My brother, who obviously did not see SBSA, asked if the point of the movie was to show hot women in bathing suits. While the obvious answer may be yes, it showed women AND men in bathing suits and on Spring Break. But the movie (well, at least the part that I saw before I went to sleep), was much more than that. It was about relationships (father/daughter; outcast type guy/girl; "evil" guy drugging girl/girl; shark/people).

However, with CBS now having the locusts movie, I think they are doing more than showing women in bathing suits and going with the disaster-style movie. CBS is going for the ten plagues! There's no way they could redo Charlton Heston and The Ten Commandments. They needed individual movies starting to help with rating. CBS started with SBSA (the first plague is the water of the Nile turning to blood) and now are onto Locusts (the eighth plague). My guess is they will base the Darkness plague on New York's blackout. My one flaw (yes, one!) in my case is I'm not sure where the Elvis movie fits in.

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