Thursday, March 17, 2005

Do I Need a Title?

- Why is CBS constantly showing the wife of Nevada's head coach? It's not like she's the only person rooting for Nevada in a close game.

- I don’t understand how a woman is like a McDonald's McGriddle.

- We're going to see A LOT of promos for the made-for-TV movie "Elvis" over the next few weeks.

- Speaking of made-for-TV movie commercials, visit Gobo’s blog to see his thoughts of Spring Break Shark Attack.

- During breaks in today's Congressional steroid hearings, did some of the Members talk to Rafael Palmeiro about Viagra?

- John Stamos is so dreamy.

- I'm really debating whether or not to bid on the Louis Lipps jersey on EBay. The pros: There are currently no bids and I like Louis Lipps. The cons: an XL jersey is going to be way too big and if I buy it, I'll have Lipps across my back.

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