Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Damn the broccoli, damn you and damn the Wright brothers!

This is the only quote I can remember from the Family Guy. Lois (the mother) tries to feed Stewie (the baby) broccoli and wants him to open up for the airplane. This was his reply.

This was also my reaction when I found out when Pitt is playing...Thursday afternoon at 12:40. Damn CBS, damn the NCAA, and damn Boise! I could be mistaken but I believe Boise is in the Mountain Time Zone, meaning this game is going to start at 10:40am local time. That's way too early for a basketball game.

Of course, I have an 11:00 meeting which will probably turn into a lunch meeting. I'm guessing I will miss the entire first half and have to rely on internet updates for the second half.

For 2006, I am taking off work for Groundhog's Day and the first Thursday and Friday of the NCAA Tournament

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