Thursday, March 17, 2005

Pitt Fall

As I wrote earlier, I didn't watch it and wasn't able to follow it for more than a few minutes. I have not seen any highlights of the game and there is only one article (by the AP) about the game on the major sports and Post-Gazette websites. So I'm left with that article and the box score. Although Krauser had a huge scoring game, he only had 4 assists. As a team, Pitt only had 10 assists and lost the rebounding battle. I didn't see Pacific play all year, but I knew that they only had 3 losses and beat Providence in last year's tournament with almost everyone coming back this year. I figured Pitt would win if they dominated inside. By looking at the rebounding numbers, that didn't happen. And as in most of Pitt's losses this year, Pacific hit a lot of three-pointers.

So what happens to Pitt now? I don't see Chevy Troutman making it to the NBA, but he could play internationally or as a Tight End in the NFL. Chris Taft and Carl Krauser may both go to the NBA. If Taft and Krauser both leave, Pitt will have a major "rebuilding" year next year.

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