Sunday, March 20, 2005

Best TV Movie Ever

Congratulations to CBS! They showed hundreds of commercials over the past few days for Spring Break Shark Attack, and it paid off. I'm sucked into this. First, a great opening with four women drinking martinis on a raft. Not a boat, but a raft. Of course, the shark(s) got them. For the past 30 minutes, the sharks haven't been involved because they are focusing on people (the so-called plot). The dialogue is fantastic. Such classic lines as "Hey, how you doing? Want to hook up?" and "This could be my Everest" and finally "What happens at Spring Break, stays at Spring Break." Always good when there are only two adults in the entire movie. Oh, the main character just got drugged by the creepy guy who said that she would be his Everest. The plot thickens! High comedy all-around, although I don't think it's supposed to be funny.

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