Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Bourne Smarter Than Your Average Bear

I don't know why Robert Ludlum named the second book in the Bourne series The Bourne Supremacy rather than my suggested title. I'm currently about half way through the book. Two notes about the book. First, early in the book is a character named Yao Ming. This book was written in the 80s, so I'm sure the author was not referencing the 7'6" basketball player. However, I keep picturing Yao as the basketball player or as a cartoon on The Simpsons (he was a guest star during the post-Super Bowl episode). Second, the only similarities between the book and the movie are the title and the fact that the main character's name is Jason Bourne. That's it.

I should finish this book in the next week, and am probably going to wait a while before I start The Bourne Ultimatum. I might try The Da Vinci Code. Any other book suggestions?

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