Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sean's Ramblings First Contest: Win a Free Watch

About two weeks ago, I shared my skepticism about a contest where I would give away a free watch. I figured that either the company that sells Men's Watches wouldn't live up to their end of the bargain or that the watch wouldn't be worth giving away. I was wrong on both counts. The watch is nicer than I expected and the company really came through.

What's interesting is that I couldn't find this specific model on an American website. Instead, this Japanese website (translated to English) is selling the watch for 9,980 yen, which converts to $110. Yes, I am giving away a $110 watch!

So here's how this contest works. In the comments section below, predict the number of passing yards Pittsburgh QB Ben Roethlisberger will have against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. As a tie-breaker, please predict Rashard Mendenhall's rushing yards against the Vikings.

One entry per person and anonymous entries will be disqualified. The winner must reside in the United States (or at least provide an American address where I can send the watch). All entries must be received by Sunday at 12:55 PM Eastern time. I'm sure that there are other details I should add, but I can't think of anything. Basically, my decisions are final, and I have the right to postpone the contest if something unusual happens like Roethlisberger getting suspended for the game for knocking out Jeff Reed. I'll announce the winner on Monday and that person will have a certain amount of time to provide me with their address.

Please make sure to visit this Men's Watches website to learn more about Orient Watches.


Vince said...

Big Ben: 238
MDHall: 86

Marc said...

BB: 279
RM (he really needs a nickname): 74

If my wife submits a guess too, is that cheating?!?

Brad Malemezian said...

BB: 315
RM: 67

Grumpy said...

Big Ben: 272
Mendy: 72

PhilCatelinet said...

Big Ben: 246
RM: 96

Brendon said...

Ben: 211
RM: 59

Jason said...
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Michael Cole said...

Ben: 317

Archi said...

Wait, Sean, is this Price is Right rules or not? That's a big distinction that has to be made.

For instance, right now if Ben throws for 245, then if it's Price is Right rules, Vince would win with 238. But if it's just closest-to-the-number, then Phil wins with 246.

Sean said...

Marc - The rules state one entry per person, so you can submit an entry and your wife can too.

Archi - Thanks for bringing this up. The Price Is Right rules do not apply here. The winner will be whoever is closest to the actual amount of Ben's passing yards. In your example, Phil would be the winner.

Ev said...

Ben: 256
Mendy: 84

Archi said...

His nickname is Tashard Mendenchoice.

Only Matt and Adam will understand this.

Gobo said...

Ben: 364
RM: 37

And Dan, it was something slightly more offensive than that.

Anonymous said...

Rob M:

Ben 341
RM 87

Lara M:
Ben 210
RM 130

Travis said...

Big Ben: 279
Mendenhall: 74

tecmo said...

Ben 299
Mendenhall 65

Bram Reichbaum said...

Ben 288
MendenHOLLA 75

jimmy_the_freak said...

Ben: 259
Mendenhall: 132

Messiah said...

Big Ben: 375
It's Raining Mendenhall: 70
(Bram, I thought you'd go with Menden-Hall&Oates)

LeeTunnel said...

Ben: 301
Mendenhall: 80

Archi said...

327 Ben
85 Mendenhall

tiny350Z said...

Ben's 'stache will throw for 336.
Mendenhall - 76.

magsgundah said...

Ben: 282
Mendenhall: 89

Jason said...

Ben- 328
Mendy - 55

Captain Easychord said...

285 and 61

Mystery Man said...

Big Ben 275
Mendenhall 54

Unknown said...

Can you send me the model number for the watch?
It's an awesome watch.