Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Why Not Me?

I found the perfect show for me: THE WORLD SERIES OF POP CULTURE. According to the VH1 website, VH1 and Entertainment Weekly are "scouring the country to find 16 three-person teams who think they've got what it takes to compete in the most intense pop culture trivia tournament to date." That's me. I just have to find two other people. The other problem is that VHI and EW are not "scouring" enough. If they were, they would come to Washington DC. Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta and New York are not at all convenient.


Anonymous said...

I'd seen that before, although it's too bad that I'm ineligible for the show two reasons: a.) my recent Jeopardy! appearance and b.) I work for Sports Illustrated, which is in the same family as EW. Of course, it's also taping the same weekend we're running our own pop-culture quiz bowl nationals, so a lot of the best players will already be with my group in Austin.

Sean said...

JQ, How would someone (like maybe me) get involved in the quiz bowls, particularly a pop-culture one?

Anonymous said...

Let's see, you're in DC. There used to be a pretty vibrant pop-culture quizbowl circuit there a few years ago, but it's pretty much faded other than the regionals my group runs in November. If there's something in the DC area, I'll let you know and try to set you up with a team.

Otherwise, the only things going on are mostly academic and limited to high schools or colleges.