Saturday, February 04, 2006

I Need to Get Out

I've spent the last hour searching the internet for the Steelers Polka and other Steelers fight songs. I have to give credit to Steelers in Hoboken for the most comprehensive list I have seen.

I didn't see this until now but there is a website to show support for Big Ben and is beard.

A very appropriate article from the P-G regarding dealing with stress and nervousness for the Super Bowl. Suggestions include "stick with routines to help you control your emotions and approach the Super Bowl like it's any other football game" and "that's where rituals and superstitions can help the fanatic stay relatively sane." This confirms that I am sane for wearing the same Steelers T-shirt and not shaving on game day. The Steelers have won consistently when this happens.

I'm a few days late on this too. Here are two video clips to Steelers songs: The "Here We Go" song and the Troy Polamalu song.

Don't forget to make your Super Bowl predictions below.

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