Friday, February 10, 2006

Backyard Brawl

Congrats to Pitt for a 57-53 win against #10 West Virginia! Ronald Ramon and Aaron Gray each scored 16 points, and Pitt was able to hold Ramblings favorite, Kevin Pittsnogle to 0 (zero) points. Pittsnogle averages nearly 20 points per game. Pitt seemed to dominate the game; however, 18 turnovers (including 7 by Gray) kept the Mountaineers in it. After losing consecutive games at #1 UConn and #16 Georgetown, this was an important win for Pitt.

I think Pittsnogle had a good excuse for not playing well last night. His wife gave birth last Friday to a 9-pound, 5-ounce baby boy named Kwynsie James. Congratulations to the entire Pittsnogle family (especially if they are still reading this)!

One other college basketball note: I have not been able to attend a George Mason game this year, and I'm really missing something special. Mason is now 18-5 after winning at a very difficult place and team to play, Virginia Commonwealth. Watch out for Mason over the next month and hopefully in the NCAA Tournament.

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