Sunday, February 05, 2006

Two Days, Two Phone Calls

I was asleep last night when my brother called. I don't remember any of the conversation, but I'm pretty sure he was at a bar in the Southside and I heard a chant of "F*#k Seattle" in the background.

On Friday evening, an old friend called and wanted to know if I was in Detroit because he thought he saw me on TV. Unfortunately, I am not in Detroit; however, the same friend e-mailed me about five years ago and asked if I moved to Buffalo because he saw me on Sportscenter after Game 7 of the Sabres-Penguins playoffs in Buffalo. Of course, I was at that game as I drove from Columbus.

Today may be the longest day EVER. Pitt-Georgetown will be on from 12-2, but that means 3 hours before friends come over to watch the game and 4.5 hours before kick-off. On today's desert menu all the way from Pittsburgh: Terrible Towel Cookies and Ben Burger Cake.

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