Friday, February 03, 2006

Prediction Time

Time to make your picks.

Who do you think will win and what will be the final score?
This may be a surprise, but I'm going with the Steelers. 30-20

Who will be the MVP?
I'll go with Ben. Although I wouldn't be shocked if someone like Polamalu or Farrior gets it. By the way, Polamalu "tweaked" his ankle and is listed as probable for the game.

Any other thoughts on the game?
Bettis will have at least one TD; Randle-El will be involved in a TD (maybe even throwing it); Joey Porter will have a sack.

Feel free to provide your predictions in the comment section. Whoever is the closest will win a prize. (The prize being your name listed here on Monday.)


Messiah said...

Steelers win 149-7. If Bettis gets over 70 yards or scores 2 or more touchdowns of whatever length (which I think will happen), he'll be named MVP. If Troy makes an interception that the Steelers score a touchdown off of, he'll get MVP. Otherwise it goes to Ben.

John D said...

I'm not real big on predictions, but I think the Seahawks are going to take it. I am, however, going to be cheering for your Steelers to win (I'm still sore that the Seahawks beat the Giants).
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Go Steelers!!! The Steelers seem to do better when they're underdogs, butI still think they'll pull out the victory. I'm betting on a close, down-to-the-wire game, maybe 27-24.

MVP... My heart is with the Bus, but I think it's more likely to be Big Ben.

Archi said...

Hines Ward will throw a pass.