Friday, February 17, 2006

Pre-Weekend Notes

A few quick notes before the weekend truly begins:

* Vanilla Ice was on Washington Post's live discussion today. My favorite Vanilla Ice quote: "A lot of people don't remember anything since Ice Ice Baby, but I've got 3 records out since then and they're all successes -- but not commercially." How do you measure album success without commercial success? I would say critical praise, but Vanilla Ice bashes critics throughout the chat. According to Vanilla, he's huge in Estonia.

* Here's a somewhat amusing song and video:

* Except for the Flying Tomato, the big name American athletes (Michelle Kwan, Bode Miller, Jeremy Bloom) have not done well at the Olympics. The latest disappointment was Johnny Weir, who blamed his fifth place finish on missing the bus and not being comfortable in the building. I think I may have used that excuse once for a job interview.

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