Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Crossword Puzzle

I don't really like crossword puzzles. I tend to get frustrated by them very easily since synonyms and definitions are not my strength. However, People magazine may have the easiest crossword puzzles anywhere. Here are some sample clues:

37 Across (4 letters) - Actor Sandler (costar of 9 Down - Woody Harrelson - in Anger Management
41 Across (3 letters) - Yoko ___
43 Down (5 letters) - Cinderella Man star Zellweger
57 Across (4 letters) - The Tonight Show host Jay ____
46 Across (3 letters) - "I Left My Heart in ___ Francisco"

Seriously? How about a little bit of a challenge? I'm surprised they don't have the following questions:

2 Down (3 letters) - Furry animal that purrs and makes a "meow" sound
7 Across (5 letters) - The former U.S. President that is buried in Grant's Tomb
27 Across (4 letters) - Write in the name Sean


jason said...

i don't get what 46 across is?

Messiah said...

I think it's supposed to be Frank Francisco, the former Rangers reliever who threw a chair at fans. But it might be too many letters.