Wednesday, February 22, 2006

True Metro Story

I was on my way home this evening just like any other night. But it was not any other night (insert some type of scary music here). The Metro got to my stop at West Falls Church as I stood in front of the train door like everyone else ready to exit. But the doors to my train never opened (more music). We watched as people from the other train cars exited and headed to the escalator. Still, the doors to our car didn't open (last time for the music). No big deal since we figured the train operator was trying to figure out why our doors didn't open. That was fine until the train started moving, and next thing we knew, we were on our way to Dunn Loring. At Dunn Loring, I, with 40-50 of my closest friends, exited, walked across the platform and waited to take the Metro back to West Falls Church. I wonder if the train operator noticed that more people than usual exited at Dunn Loring or got off the Metro, but instead of exiting the station, went directly across the platform. All in all, my commute ended up being an extra 20 minutes, and I have a new Metro story.

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