Sunday, February 19, 2006

TV Shows for Women?

In his latest column/mailbag, ESPN's Bill Simmons, the Sports Guy, received a question about shows that guys watch with significant others in order to "take one for the team." Here is his Hall of Fame list (the ground rules are included in the mailbag): Party of Five, My So-Called Life, Friends (not including the first two seasons), Grey's Anatomy, The Gilmore Girls/Felicity/Dawson's Creek, The OC (third season), The Bachelor, male figure skating in The Winter Olympics and How I Met Your Mother. I can't say much about most of the shows on the list, but I currently watch and enjoy How I Met Your Mother and Grey's Anatomy. Oh, and I don't watch these shows with my wife. I'm not sure if I should make any points here or not, but feel free to add comments.

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JQ said...

Let's see, I watch two of those shows (since early Friends doesn't count): How I Met Your Mother and Gilmore Girls. And I'm single.

Simmons is close with GG. The Lauren Graham factor is a big reason to watch, and it's clever enough to keep me hooked.

HIMYM was the combination of watching Evil Doogie (first seen in Harold and Kumar) and Willow (had a long-standing thing for Alyson Hannigan). Yes, it's just another version of Friends, but it's funny enough when the attention *isn't* on Ted.