Sunday, February 05, 2006

Please Start!

It's now about two hours before Super Bowl kick-off. I can't get the Polamalu song about of my head, which is actually a good thing. Although it's probably okay to do this today in Pittsburgh, I learned that people don't really like it when you yell, "Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go" at the grocery store.

On to the TV coverage, Ray Lewis is doing commentary on the NFL Network. I was wondering what happened to him since his football career ended. As for ABC, I'm already tired of seeing the Pizza Hut commercials with Jessica Simpson and Miss Piggy. At least Puppy Bowl II on Animal Planet seems to helps the time to go a little quicker.

One final note before kick-off, two weeks ago, Pitt lost to St. Johns and the Penguins lost. I remember saying before the Denver game that if only one Pittsburgh team could win this weekend, I would definitely choose the Steelers. Well, the Penguins lost (again) and Pitt lost to Georgetown today, so hopefully this is a good sign for the Steelers.

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Archi said...

Heck yeah. Those chants are happening everywhere these days.
But then again, a spontaneous Steeler chant can happen anywhere, anytime. I love to tell the story of a Pirate game I was at... it was a loss (shocking) long before football season even started, and as we walked down one of those long concrete ramps at Three Rivers, someone started a "Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go" and pretty much everyone picked it up and ran with it!