Monday, February 20, 2006

Quick Hits

DON'T READ THIS IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED GREY'S ANATOMY YET. I'll mention the show a little further down so that you don't accidentally read something about it if you don't want to.

Peter King from Sports Illustrated predicts that the Steelers will play Denver on Thursday, September 7th to start the 2006 NFL season. He has a good argument. Of the teams the Steelers could play, the Bengals would have been good, but the NFL can't risk having Jon Kitna or another backup playing QB in the opener if Carson Palmer is not ready to play. A rematch of the AFC Championship looks like the "sexy" match-up for the first game on NBC in many years, especially if the Bronocs sign Terrell Owens.

Grey's Anatomy: Last night, George professed his love to Meredith and they promptly hooked up. The consensus around the web (I had off work today so I was able to look at Grey's Anatomy stuff online late last night) is that George is the greatest guy ever. I'm amazed at how many people online are professing their love for George. Anyway, the other consensus is that Meredith is really going to hurt him. I'm happy for George as he is representing the average guy here, but a relationship is never going to happen. (Yes I know they are not real people.) Personally, I thought George should have gone for Christian Ricci's character from the two-part Super Bowl/bomb episodes.

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Anonymous said...

Men cant watch Greys Anatomy. im sorry.

watch ACC sunday night hoops or something, at least help bball ratings a bit over that soap opera shit.