Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Trivia Tuesday

Welcome to the Hanukkah edition of Trivia Tuesday! Actually, this week’s trivia has nothing to do with Hanukkah, Christmas or any holiday. The artists listed below had a Top 40 hit that features a first name. (The song had to be in the Top 40.) The artist and the year are listed below. Name that tune!

1. Buddy Holly (1957)

2. Plain White T’s (2007)

3. Barry Manilow (1974)

4. Elvis Costello (1989)

5. Rolling Stones (1973)

6. Boston (1986)

7. Michael Jackson (1983)

8. Tony Basil (1982)

9. Fountains of Wayne (2003)

10. Simon & Garfunkel (1970)

As always, please do not use the internet for the answers. Please leave your answers in the comments section. Good luck!

Thanks again to Stump Trivia for creating these fun quizzes.


Anonymous said...

1- Peggy Sue
2- I probably know the song but don't recognize the artist
3- Mandy
4- completely blanking.
5- Angie
6- Amanda
7- Billie Jean
9- Stacey's Mom
10- To Emily, Wherever I May Find Her (or something like that, but it's definitely Emily)

Anonymous said...

Wait - I rememewbred the Elvis Costello one.


Gilahi said...

Well, gosh. That was fun.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Gobo, but 4 & 10 are incorrect. Great job on the others. And yes, you will definitely know the #2 song. (That doesn't sound right.)

So we're still looking for 2, 4 & 10.


Gilahi said...

Huh. I would've guessed "Allison" as well, but I guess that was before 1989 and it never made the top 40.

#10 is "Cecilia".

Cotter said...

2 = Hey There, Delilah (?)

I think? Maybe?

Cotter said...

Oh man, I just looked up 4 because it was driving me nuts. I should've known!

Someone will get it.