Friday, December 05, 2008

Friday Links (Please Buy My Hockey Tickets)

Despite posting an ad on StubHub and Ottawa’s Craigslist, I continue to be unable to sell my tickets for next Monday’s (December 8) Ottawa Senators-Florida Panthers game. Amazingly, trying to sell the tickets through my blog hasn’t worked either. However, I finally found a reason for people to attend the game: you can see Florida’s David Booth, who wants to go on a grizzly bear hunt. Just don’t read this story since the tickets are in the upper deck.

On to the links:

Five Questions with D.C. Steeler Nation and Cowboy Nation. Christmas Ape is clearly the winner.

Remember the song/commencement address reminding you to wear sunscreen? Blog ‘N Gold created a Bill Cowher version for his commencement address at North Carolina State.

Mystery Man (of Tidbits and the Angry Consumer) writes that the leaf blower is the dumbest invention ever. Take that, singing fish!

This is Getting Old thinks the Pirates should sign Barry Bonds. Hmmm.

The Pensblog looks back at the dark ages of the Pittsburgh Penguins: 2001-2006.

Any other soccer referees out there? If so, check out this video (in the middle of the page) from a game that took place in Greece. (I have no idea what the language is on this website.) A player tripped a guy who ran on the field, and for his action, earned a red card. There seems to be some debate about this in the referee community. The reason for the red card is "violent conduct" since the player deliberately kicked the pitch invader during the match and it was unprovoked violence. Players cannot take such violent action like this during a match against anyone (even if the action is egregious as invading the pitch) and not expect to have the maximum disciplinary sanctions imposed by the referee. On one hand, I agree with this decision. However, seeing this picture of James Harrison tackling the Cleveland Browns fan who ran on to the field always makes me smile.

(Yes, writing about the incident in Greece was partially an excuse to post the Harrison picture again.)

Finally, you may have noticed the banner ad on the top right of this page. Since someone was nice enough to actually pay for an ad (yes, really), please click on the ad or visit Pretty please!

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bags030404 said...

When did that 5 questions segment turn into a competition? I see now that it has and evidently I lost!Damn that sux when you lose at a non competition event! Glad you read it though, Thanks