Monday, December 29, 2008

Second Favorite Football Team

Let’s say that you are forced to cheer for a professional football team other than the team you currently support. Who would you choose?

Here are my personal criteria in picking a "second favorite" team:

1. They cannot be in the same division as the Pittsburgh Steelers.
2. They cannot be the Dallas Cowboys or New England Patriots.
3. There has to be some type of personal connection.

Based on these factors, if I had to choose a second favorite team, the winner would be the Miami Dolphins. Besides not being in the AFC North and not being the Cowboys or Patriots, the Dolphins certainly meet item #3. Former Dolphins superstar Dan Marino is from Pittsburgh and played for the University of Pittsburgh Panthers. In addition, the Dolphins have had a player from my high school since 1997 (Jason Taylor from 1997-2007 and Lousaka Polite this season). Plus, the always entertaining former Steeler Joey Porter is a current member of the Dolphins. Overall, how can you not support a team that was 1-15 last season and are now in the playoffs?

Therefore, as my second favorite team, I am very excited for the Dolphins and their fans (the Dol-fans) on winning the AFC East. I hope they crush the Ravens and will be rooting for them next weekend. Of course, if Miami defeats Baltimore, that means they would face the Steelers the following week. At that point, the Dolphins just become another Steelers opponent who I hope loses 51-0.

So who is your second favorite team and why? Please also include your favorite team if it is not the Steelers.


Anonymous said...

good question. i have no idea who i'd pick. perhaps...the bears. i actually have no feelings for anyother team but the steelers. i think i'd cheer on any team playing new england, baltimore, giants, and dallas.

Cotter said...

That's a real tough one!

I think I might have to go Giants? Only because I had a roommate in College that was real into them and we used to have some good fun ripping on Eagles fans. That and because I live here in NYC now. Plus, look at their running game. It makes me salivate.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday it was the Dolphins for a couple of reasons. They got to knock both New England and the Jets out.

I was never a Pennington fan until this year. I am enjoying him doing well after being cut and kicked to the curb in favor of Farve and sweet poetic justice was a thing of beauty.

Of course, if the Dolphins do come to Pittsburgh in two weeks I hope Pennington throws several picks and plays the crappiest game of his life.

tecmo said...

The Browns

tecmo said...

Oh wait...not in the division

The Patriots

shit, I keep messing this up

Anonymous said...

Since I live in Southeast Michigan, I'd say the Lions would be my second favorite, but they've got to win at least one game for that to happen. I'll go Chargers because I liked their thunderbolt helmets since I was a kid. I also used to feel bad for the *Oakland* Raiders and couldn't understand why no one in Pittsburgh rooted for them.

Sean said...

Marc - I never felt bad for the Raiders since I remember them being really good when we grew up.

Cotter - I can certainly see some support for the Giants, especially after they defeated the Patriots in the Super Bowl last year. Oh, the terrific Giants running game didn't do much against the Steelers D this season!

Tecmo - You can choose any team you want. The Patriots and Browns were just on my list of teams I wouldn't pick. Of course, if you knew Bruce Gradkowski in high school, maybe you would put the Browns as your #2.

Real McCoy - Pennington was fun to watch this year, especially seeing how quickly the Jets dumped him for Favre.

Jason - Why the Bears? Ditka? The Super Bowl Shuffle?

Anonymous said...

no reason. i guess i like the city and love man smith.

Lori said...

Your rules are excellent, I'm especially glad to see Patriots or Cowboys excluded. Miami wins my heart for what they did this season. That is, as long as they aren't playing the Steelers or anything...

Sean said...

Thanks Jason & Lori!