Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Trivia Tuesday: Pittsburgh Sports Edition

With the long Thanksgiving weekend, we didn’t go to trivia last night. Instead, I present questions from The Pittsburgh Sports Wiz Trivia Quiz book that I found in my room while back in the Burgh.

1. What Pitt player was the very first draft choice of the USFL?

2. In the 1995 movie Sudden Death, who did the Pens play in the fictional seventh game of the Stanley Cup Finals at the Civic Arena?

3. Name the Pirates sole representative on the 1994 National League All-Star team.

4. Name the four ex-Bucs on the 1994 National League All-Star team.

5. At the urging of broadcaster Myron Cope, the Steelers made this wresting champ their final draft pick in 1989.

6. Which Steelers quarterback played baseball for Jim Leyland in the Florida Instructional League?

7. The Pittsburgh Maulers home opener against the Birmingham Stallions was the only sellout in United States Football League history. Why? (Hint: it was due to one player; name the player)

8. Who replaced Dave Parker in right field when he left the team? (This same player was also the last-ever pinch runner for Willie Stargell.)

9. What former Penguin coached the Pittsburgh Phantoms (roller hockey) in their only year of existence?

10. Name the only two Pirate Cy Young Award winners.

As always, please do not use the internet for answers and enter your responses in the comments section. Good luck!


tecmo said...

1. I wanna say Marino, just due to the timeframe.
2. Almost positive it was the Blackhawks. Here's some reverse trivia...did you know Sidney Crosby's agent was a hockey exra in that movie?
3. Weren't Drabek AND Carlos Garcia there?
4. Bonds and Wil Cordero that I remember. Can't remember the other two (unless you're counting Garcia and Drabek)
5. The only wrestler/Steeler I remember is Carlton Haselrig
6. ? Tomczak?
7. Jeez, its hard to remember guys who ACTUALLY played in the league. Flutie? Jerry Rice? I'll go with Herschel Walker, though I don't know if he played for Birmingham.
8. ? Al Martin? /joke
9. Rick Kehoe. He was the man.
10. Law and Drabek. Gotta remember those

tecmo said...

Gah...just re-read the Maulers/Stallions question. I don't want to spoil the answer for anyone else, but I think it was a certain player for Birmingham who played in Pittsburgh for another, bigger league? QB, perhaps?

Mystery Man said...

1. Marino
2. Islanders
3. Carlos Garcia
4. Bonds, Bonilla, Van Slyke, and Doug Drabek
5. Carlton Haselrig
6. Mike Tomzack
7. It was the return of Cliff Stoudt
8. ?
9. Joey Mullen
10. Doug Drabek, Elroy Face

Sean said...

Let's go through this, shall we?

1. Marino - both Tecmo & MM are correct
2. Chicago - I did not know that Sidney Crosby's agent is Jean Claude.
3. Garcia - MM is right
4. Bonds & Drabek are correct; we're still looking for the other two.
5. Correct
6. Tomczak is incorrect.
7. Yes. Who knew so many people would want to pay to see Stoudt?
8. Al Martin is funny.
9. Yes, it's Kehoe.
10. Drabek & Law - Tecmo gets the point.

So we're still looking for #4, #6 & #8.

Anonymous said...

Moises Alou began his career on the Pirates for a couple games, right? He scored the winning run in '94.

Sean said...

You are correct, AJ. There is one more former Pirate on the 1994 NL All-Star team. I'll give a hint...the former Pirate represented the Phillies.

Messiah said...

I guess it wasn't Tekulve by then. And Wes Chamberlain was never an All-Star, I really hope. Hmm... That was the Phils' World Series year... Was Bieliecki on that team? I'll go with Mike Bielecki.

#6 -- Bubby Brister.
#8 -- Doug Frobel?

Andy said...

4) Bonds, Drabek, Alou and Danny Jackson

Sean said...

Messiah - Bubby is correct as is Doug Frobel. Frobel is one of my favorite Pirates ever probably because his last name sounded like Fraggle.

Andy - Yes on Danny Jackson. Nice pull!