Thursday, December 18, 2008

TMI Thursday: Accomplish the Impossible

I’ve written in the past about my amazing ability to clog toilets throughout the country. I’m even at the point now that when I think clogging is even remotely possible, I will perform a courtesy flush. However, there is one place where I have never considered the courtesy flush as I didn’t think stuffing up the toilet was possible. The place is the bathroom on my office floor. The toilets at work are industrial strength and were created to handle the wear and tear of multiple uses. Public toilets in general are built to withstand anything and everything.

Just last week, though, I stuffed up the toilet at work. At first, I thought that maybe I didn’t fully flush the toilet. On the second flush, the water rose to near the top of the bowl and didn’t go down. I momentarily stood there in awe of my accomplishment and then realized that I should exit quickly before anyone entered the restroom.

For the record, I weigh 155 pounds. I just felt like I should share this information.

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Gilahi said...

For the record, I weigh 155 pounds.


Anonymous said...


rachaelgking said...

Your weight truly does make it all the more notable.

And Jason's comment means you succeeded at your first TMI Thursday! Congrats!

Brendon said...

This is quite an accomplishment. Put it on your resume along with any photographic evidence.

Sean said...

Gilahi - Well, we've received a lot of chocolate and treats in the office this week, so I think I'm still around 155.

Jason - Thank you!

LiLu - Thanks for the idea of TMI Thursday! I also felt like I should include my weight so people didn't think I was the size of an offensive lineman. If I was that big, stuffing the toilet would be even more common.

Hand of Godard - No pictures although I may put this on my resume with winning free burritos for a year!

Anonymous said...

Wow Sean, it does take a lot to clog one of those bad boys! Hey, maybe the person before you contributed to the clogging and it wasn't all you!

Anonymous said...

(The last two comments are now here - Sean)

Oh Sean, that's gross. I am proud to say I have a brother in laws whose greatest talen in clogging toliets. It's great to be a [member of the family]!

Hello Again,
My last comment was all wrong. I have a very talented brother in law whose greatest talent is clogging toilets! I love being a [member of the family]! Although my husband is not that talented, I'm Jelous [name redacted].