Monday, June 29, 2009

Vegas Vacation - Part I

The first question many people ask when you return from Vegas is how did you do? Well, I lost playing blackjack. I lost playing craps. I lost playing Pai Gow. I lost playing three-card poker. I also lost $2 playing slots. (I hate slots, but I couldn’t pass up the Press Your Luck slot machine. I really, really, really wanted to yell big bucks, no whammies, stop! I didn't have that opportunity.) My gambling victories were minor. I bet $2 on a horse named Baseball Card Kid racing at Charles Town Races & Slots. Yes, I traveled thousands of miles to bet on a horse race that took place about 50 miles from my home. When I made the wager, the horse was at 7-1 but by race time, he/she was 3-1. Therefore, when the horse finished second, I won a whopping 80 cents.

My other victory was courtesy of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Knowing that the Pirates usually play well against excellent starting pitchers (though usually terribly against below average pitching), I put $5 on the Bucs and Ross Ohlendorf against the Cleveland Indians and reigning Cy Young winner Cliff Lee. When the Pirates won, I earned $7.25! The sports book was clearly the highlight of my personal gambling week.

However, my wife represented the family proudly. In her blackjack debut, she was dealt an 8-8 with the dealer showing an ace. The dealer did not have a blackjack, so after splitting the eights, she received a third 8. On that 8, she got a 7 and then a 5 for a 20. On the second 8, she was dealt a 2. We contemplated doubling down, but decided just to hit. She got a 10. On the third 8, she was dealt a 3. We did double-down this time, meaning that there were four separate bets on the table. The dealer handed her a 9. I don’t remember the dealer's cards, but I know that she busted meaning that my wife won all four bets. Greatest blackjack hand ever!

I promise to have much more about my Las Vegas vacation including the joys of a timeshare presentation, seeing Alexander Ovechkin, meeting Angel, and I'll present one of the greatest names in local news history over the next few days. Please click here for part 2.


tiny350Z said...

Nice work! Glad you had a good time. My favorite slot machines were the Price is Right. And Spam. Spam was a load of fun. Ahh... gotta love penny slots.

I would also have to say I miss the sports books the most, though.

Archi said...

You guys were correct to not double with the 10 and the ace showing. Well done all around! I hate those times where you just have to split/double despite the dealer showing a good card. Unless I win. Then they're awesome.

Sean said...

tiny - My wife played The Price Is Right game, and I watched her get to the Cliff Hanger game. I can see why that one would be fun. What is Spam?

Archi - I was terrified having all of those bets on the table, but it worked out. I lost at least two hands where I doubled-down. In one case, I had an 11 against a dealers' 6.

Messiah said...

Is it local news anchor Ricky Cheese? Wait, or did she die?