Monday, June 01, 2009

Charlie Brown Throws Out the First Pitch

This didn't go well.

(The original video is gone from YouTube, so you'll have to settle for seeing Charlie Brown's pitch as #1 on this video.)

My favorite part is the Pirate Parrot not following the ball but continuing to stare (glare?) at Charlie after the pitch.


Nick said...

Charlie Brown was a late substitution after power-hitting catcher Schroeder was suspended 50 games for HGH and 5-tool OF Lucy declared "Operation Shutdown"

Tom said...

I didn't understand what the pitching coach wanted to tell us...
It did make me laugh for nearly ten seconds, I love it! =)

紫色的初夏 said...

Can someone translate the pitching coach for me? I really wanna know his/her comments on this terrible pitch XDD

Sean said...

How did everyone in Taiwan find this page? Could someone send me the link?

The "pitching coach" is actually the sports anchor impersonating the Charlie Brown teacher that you're never supposed to understand.

Nick - I always knew that Schroeder was up to no good!

Hao said...

Sean, good question, I am a Taiwanese and I don't know either how ppl find this link. I saw this link from a very famous Bulleting Board in Taiwan called PTT.

You can see the web version, and the link below.