Sunday, June 28, 2009

Banking Center

I’m home from Vegas and will share many stories over the next few days. As a preview, I want to start with one observation from Harrah’s (or at least I think it was Harrah’s). The casino shows a responsible side by having a “Banking Center” sign. I was impressed by their initiative to have representatives right there in the heart of the casino. If you win some money, you can talk to someone about opening a CD or savings account. Perhaps you could discuss mortgage options as well. Of course, when I got to the banking center, there was nothing there except an ATM. So much for the responsible side.

(When I typed banking center into Google images, this was one of the options. Looks nice. If you want a "banking center" visit this Gardner Bank in Gardner, Kansas. It's only a 1345 mile drive from Las Vegas!)

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