Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Buy Dan a Burrito and Get His Dog One Too

This is the quote Mike Lange should use if the Penguins win the Stanley Cup on Friday night. If you haven’t heard or read about this, Pittsburgh’s Head Coach Dan Bylsma eats an Ancho Chile Pork BBQ Burrito at Qdoba before Penguins home games. Qdoba franchise owner Chad Brooks believes Bylsma is 20-1 when eating his lucky burrito (not including Tuesday night’s game six victory). Yahoo's Puck Daddy has much more about the burrito superstition, but someone needs to make sure that HCDB gets his burrito in Detroit on Friday!


tecmo said...

I already scouted the closest Qdoba to our Pens bar in Manhattan so I can get the right mojo for Friday

Sean said...

Excellent! The key is making sure that HCDB gets his burrito.

By the way, am I the only one who thinks that this particular burrito sounds awful?