Thursday, June 18, 2009

Travel Advice Needed

Once again, I am using my blog to ask for travel advice. I am heading to Annapolis, Maryland and Las Vegas, Nevada in the very near future (though not on the same trip; that would be a very long drive), and am looking for advice on things to do in each city. Any suggestions, including places to eat, are greatly appreciated.


neena said...

Check out the Voodoo Lounge around dusk (it's on the roof of the Rio). The view of the Strip is pretty cool. Added bonuses: the table minimums are low (I made a lot of money there!) and the Voodoo Lounge has a kick-ass fishbowl rum/fruit juice/dry ice drink that's pretty cool.

I really like Bobby Flay's restasurant (much more affordable for lunch) and Tom Collichio's CraftSteak.

When are you going? I might ask you to put some money down on the Steelers for me!

tiny350Z said...

As your resident former Las Vegas resident... if you're into "history" I highly recommend spending an evening on Fremont Street. It's cheesey... but has maintained that cheesiness that Las Vegas was built upon.

My favorite hotel was always the Venetian - in the newer strip. If you're getting a car, and enjoy nature, I highly recommend a day up in Red Rock.

But, I guess it depends on what you want to do while in Las Vegas.

tiny350Z said...

Oh, and I agree w/ Neena's recommendations too.

Brendon said...

When you walk down the streets in Vegas, you will be handed pamphlets with pictures of nice women and a phone number on them. I recommend giving them a call and trying out their services. It's worth it.

Brendon said...

Scratch that if you're traveling with your significant other.

Sean said...

Thanks Neena! I'm a big fan of low minimum tables. I think we'll have to make a trip over to Rio. Oh, I'm going to Vegas next week (more on that soon enough).

Tiny350Z - Thanks for the recommendations! We're not going to have a car this trip, so I don't think we'll get too far out of greater Las Vegas.

Hand of Godard - I am going to Vegas with my wife, but maybe she and her friend will go to the shops at Caesar's while my friend and I could learn more about Vegas from the locals.