Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Thank You Taiwan

I love numbers and statistics. I spend hours each week reviewing sports statistics and have become addicted to ESPN's Streak for Cash game. Before I had access to my checking account online, I used to scour my account to make sure the total was exactly correct. If I was off by even 1 cent, I would have to figure out where I was off.

Naturally, I also like seeing how many people visit my blog each day. Google Analytics is a great program for all of my number geeky-ness (is this a word?) in that I can compare the number of visitors from one month to the next and see where visitors came from. Someone from Burundi visited my blog on Monday. I had to look at a map to even see where Burundi is located. (It's in Africa bordering Rwanda, Congo and Tanzania.)

So yesterday, the number of visitors to Sean's Ramblings was fairly normal through the morning, and then something happened. Take a look at this chart copied just after 11pm on Tuesday night:

Holy crap! A huge day for Trivia Tuesday! Actually, according to a commenter, a "Bulleting Board in Taiwan called PTT" posted a link to this blog to the video of Charlie Brown throwing the first pitch at a recent Pittsburgh Pirates game. This cause a record-setting day here at Sean's Ramblings.

Let's go to the numbers, shall we.

The total number of visitors yesterday according to Sitemeter: 2,648
The total number of visits from Taiwan yesterday according to Google Analytics: 2,271
The total number of visitors from Taiwan from February 1, 2008 (when I signed up for Google Analytics) to June 1, 2009: 28

Plus, the Penguins and Pirates both won, so it was a good day for everyone!

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lacochran said...

You rock, Taiwan style!