Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hooray for Adam Lambert

When I first started Sean’s Ramblings, I thought most of my entries would be pop culture related. It’s turned out to be more about personal stories, Pittsburgh sports and trivia, but I do write about television, music, movies, etc. on occasion. Since I am anxiously waiting for game six of the Penguins-Red Wings series to begin (I’m obviously writing this on Tuesday evening), I thought I would occupy my time by writing about the big news on Yahoo: American Idol’s Adam Lambert announced that he was gay. Here were my immediate reactions:

1. I am shocked! I can’t believe that he is gay! Next you’re going to tell me that Clay Aiken and Elton John are gay.

2. Honestly, who really cares? I’m happy that Lambert is comfortable with himself and his sexuality. While I'm sure this is a big step for him, I am hopeful that we’re getting closer to the point where someone announcing that they are gay becomes less and less of an issue.

3. So long Jon & Kate!

I went to CVS on Tuesday morning to buy an anniversary card (yes, Mom & Dad, it is for you and will get to you on time) and noticed about four or five magazines at the register. People, US Weekly, OK Magazine, and the other ones all had Jon and/or Kate on the cover. Lambert’s announcement will finally rid us of any Jon & Kate news. Right?


Gilahi said...

They'll be gone only until they announce that they're gay.

Sean said...

It's only Wednesday, but congratulations on the comment of the week!