Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mario Lemieux's Desk

Pictures of the Penguins' Stanley Cup party at Mario Lemieux's house have been the talk of the internet (at least in my world). They were posted and then pulled from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette website, and I know a lot of blogs are refusing to post them since they may not have been for public consumption. While I agree with this, especially of the pictures of kids, I feel like it is OK to post this picture, supposedly of Mario Lemieux's desk:

So if this really is Mario Lemieux's home desk, why does he need the nameplate? Are people coming to his home office but are unsure who they are meeting with? The chair does look comfortable!


Anonymous said...

Dude, that's SO his desk..if you look out the window the white pillars are from his balconey

as for the name plate, i have no idea why it's there LMAO

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's his office. No doubt about it.