Monday, June 08, 2009

I Wanna Rock Right Now

Think of your favorite song or songs. Are they by artists that have multiple hits? Is it by an artist or group that you can see live in concert fairly regularly like Aerosmith, Prince or the Dave Matthews Band? Well, what happens when one of your favorite songs is by an artist that is only truly known for this one song and only has a handful of hits? Plus, since this song is over 20 years old, you figure that you would never see it performed live and probably wouldn’t pay much (if anything) to attend a concert just to see a few songs. You probably figured that you would never see the song performed live and didn’t even think about it as a possibility since you didn’t even know that this performer even toured anymore, So imagine my surprise when I learned on Friday that Tone Loc had to pull out of the Old Skool All-Stars concert at Celebrate Fairfax only to be replaced by Rob Base. Now, I like Wild Thing and Funky Cold Medina, but It Takes Two has to be among my top-five favorite songs.

On Saturday night, after arriving to the main stage area near the end of the Sugar Hill Gang set (they put on a good show), I eagerly awaited Rob Base performing his legendary hit. He performed a few other songs including Joy and Pain (an EKC favorite – only three people might get this), before closing with It Takes Two. Naturally, just as he was about to begin the song, I noticed someone passing out flyers to the crowd, which is a no-no at the festival. In my volunteer role, I chased the guy away (actually, I never caught up to him), so I heard Rob Base telling us that he’s internationally known, but didn’t actually see him saying it. Oh well. At least I can now say that I saw the original artist (even if DJ E-Z Rock wasn’t there) perform one of my favorite songs.

Now what is Harvey Danger up to?


Archi said...

Did you see any of Phil Vassar? Even if country isn't your thing, he's a very entertaining performer!

Sean said...

Archi - We had an operations meeting in the middle of Phil Vassar's concert, so I only caught a few minutes. From what I saw, he was really entertaining and energenic.

Louise said...
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