Monday, June 22, 2009

Shut Up and Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

I saw The Hangover last week, watched Ocean's 11 last night and saw the video for Katy Perry's Waking Up in Vegas this morning, so I'm all set for
my Vegas vacation. While I'm sure that you want hour-by-hour details of my trip, I am taking a brief vacation from Sean's Ramblings. To translate: I'm not taking a computer with me to Las Vegas; I will write about my vacation, but not until I return.* Have a great week!

* Unless Mike Tyson and/or a tiger show up in my hotel room.


lacochran said...

Hope you have a blast!

And ix-nay on the ookers-hay en-whay our-yay ear-nay the issus-may.

I think I hurt myself, there.

Marc said...

Just remember, what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas, if you have a blog!!!

Sean said...

Lacochran - I wish I saw your note before I left!

Marc - I will share plenty of stories from Vegas over the next few days.