Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Pensblog Wins the Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament

Congratulations to The Pensblog for winning the (first?) Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament by defeating Mondesi’s House 67.9%-32.1% in the championship. I do want to address some of the comments that took place during the championship round. Certainly not everyone has to like everyone else’s blog or the comments on the blogs. However, there is no reason to disparage the blogs themselves simply because of the amount of time the bloggers spend writing for your enjoyment and to express their own thoughts. As for the two finalists, The Pensblog is the most influential blog in Pittsburgh and has the most passionate following. WWGRD was everywhere last year, and each Penguins game post on The Pensblog receives hundreds of comments. Meanwhile, Mondesi’s House covers all Pittsburgh sports better than any other Pittsburgh blog. The Terrible Towel pictures and videos featured prior to February’s Super Bowl were incredible and demonstrated the amount of MH readers there are nationwide and internationally.

Actually, I’ll let the blogs themselves talk about each other:

The Pensblog:
"Also, we have nothing but respect for our championship opponent, the very deserving finalists Mondesi’s House. We would be remiss not to give the proper dues to what Don has done over the last few years. We don’t take pride in much, but being a member of the Pittsburgh blogging community is the one thing we really enjoy."

Mondesi’s House:
"It looks like Mondesi's House is going to finish as the runner-up to The Pensblog, which is as solid of a blog as you'll ever read."

Overall, I want to thank everyone for visiting and voting. I especially want to thank the Pittsburgh sports blogs out there for supporting the Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament and for all of the incredible work they do on their sites. I mentioned this when the tournament began, but I don’t think we realize how lucky we are to have such an incredible sports blog community. I doubt that any other city has this type of dedicated blog community.

Go Pitt! Go Pens! Go Pirates! Go Steelers!

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