Thursday, March 05, 2009

TMI Thursday: Janet Jackson Is Jealous

I apologize for not writing a TMI Thursday post recently, and I can’t even take credit for this one. I was in warm and sunny Orlando last week for work when I received a call from my wife. She said that she noticed several circular rashes on our kitten’s stomach. We didn’t see anything like this on Ziggy before, so she scheduled a vet appointment. We also never witnessed Ziggy scratching or biting his stomach, but the appointment was made as a precaution.

So my wife took Ziggy to his appointment and mentioned to the vet that maybe it was a spider bite or something else. The vet took a look at Ziggy’s spotted belly and said, "Your cat has nipples." He continued by saying, "Your husband is coming home. Make him a nice dinner* and break the news to him that your kitten has nipples." Who even knew that male cats had nipples? Actually, this guy did:

Apparently, the vet receives this question much more often that you would think, nearly once a month. So the end result is the Ziggy has nipples. He’s in good health and is now an amazing 9 pounds, 9 ounces. When we adopted him in mid-November, he was only 3 pounds, 8 ounces. Our little boy is growing up!

* I think I picked up California Tortilla.

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LiLu said...

Even I haven't seen a male cat with nipples, and I've had them my whole life! I can't blame her.

And I LOVE the name Ziggy!

-jd said...

Seeing DeNiro, kitties and talking about nipples, all I can think of is "I have nipples, can you milk me Greg?". Glad your kitty has nipples.

Anonymous said...

Your cat has nipples! LOL! That is awesome.

f.B said...

i'm with jd.

so can you milk Ziggy? did the vet say anything about that?

Sean said...

For the record, I still have not seen Ziggy's nipples. He's laying on my arm/lap at this very moment (it's tough typing with one hand) and all I see is fur.

Paul said...

Sean, that was a hilarious story! Thanks for the good laugh!

nichole said...

I asked my vet the same question. Tell your wife she is in good company. I thought it was a bite or something.

Andy said...

Sean - the exact same thing happened when we got Teddy (male yellow lab for the rest of you). On a scheduled vet appt, Lisa insisted that I inquire about a few suspicious looking tumors on his belly. They were his nipples. Who knew?