Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No Trivia Tuesday

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head that you couldn’t get rid of? This happens to me occasionally, but one particular song has been stuck there for days. More on this momentarily.

So, I apologize for the lack of Trivia Tuesday this week, but I have a very good reason. We tried something new last week and went to music trivia at Black Finn in Bethesda. The idea was terrific; they have three rounds of 12 songs each, play about 30-45 seconds of a song and you need to provide the artist and song title. However, the execution was poor. There are certain fundamental requirements in a trivia game. You need to be told the correct answers after it's over. You need to be told how well or poorly you did. And you need to be told how close you came to winning. Music trivia failed on all three accounts. The only thing they did was actually have questions, but for all we know, the thing was fixed.

After the first round, we were handed back our answer sheet and told that we won. Hooray for us! We have no idea how our opponents did, but since I am money at identifying songs and we won a round of drinks, all was good. After the second round, the trivia guy announced the winner. Nothing more, nothing less as only the winning team received the answer sheet back. This repeated after the third round where we were not sure if there was an overall winner or just a winner for the third round. The entire operation seemed a bit shady as did 50-cent charge if you wanted lettuce and tomatoes on your burger. Needless to write, we’re not going back. I just hope that someone at Black Finn reads this because they need to change how the trivia game operates.

Let’s go back to the song stuck in my head: "Apologize" by OneRepublic. I’ve had the chorus, "It’s too late to apologize; it’s too late" in my head but with a twist. Instead of to apologize, I’ve been thinking "It’s too late to order fries; it’s too late." When we returned to our normal haunt for trivia last night, the menu changed slightly so that sandwiches come with potato chips instead of French fries. Fries are now an additional 75 cents. So maybe it is too late to order fries or perhaps this was punishment for going somewhere else!

Anyway, Trivia Tuesday will return next week. Brush up on your knowledge of food and drink products started in the 19th century. Yes, that really is the theme; I’m sure that you can’t wait!


lacochran said...

It's never too late to order fries! Hit the drive through! :)

Sean said...

Excellent point lacochran. I knew that you would have a solution!