Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sunday Links

* Ashley Diparlo and Becky Emmers of WTAE's Pittsburgh Channel website are awesome. They are even more awesome for including the Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament on their Links N'@ video. This is the first time Sean's Ramblings has ever made a video, even though my blog name was not officially mentioned.

* Prior to its tour starting on Sunday in Pittsburgh (and I'll see them in DC in a few weeks), the Post-Gazette caught up with Fleetwood Mac in a fairly in-depth preview. The money quotes:

"It's exciting to us," Nicks says, "because we're not trying to shove new songs down people's throats."

Plus, Christine McVie is not on tour:

"Christine had been keeping big secrets from us all the many years. She was afraid to fly. Because she's such a tough old bird, she never let us know."

* Sports Illustrated wrote that the Pirates could surprise with the young talent. (h/t Bluey Blog).

* Speaking of hopeful things that probably won't happen, Metro will make it to Reston by 2013. (h/t Restonian)

* The Washington Nationals fired Jose Rijo, special assistant to the General Manager and the owner of a baseball academy in the Dominican Republic that the Nats have used, and General Manager Jim Bowden could be next. I receive probably 3-4 e-mails from the Nationals each week selling tickets, merchandise or providing Nationals new. Shockingly, they have not sent me one e-mail about the Bowden or Rijo situation.

* Mike of wrote a nice post about his experience in the Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog tournament.

* It's very easy to dislike the Washington Redskins. Owner Dan Snyder laid off 20 employees in January, but signed defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth to a reported 7-year, $100 million deal Friday with $41 million of that guaranteed. Good luck with that.

* Finally, I haven't been a part of Cotter's Meeting People Is Easy in many weeks, so the least I could do is link to it.

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tiny350Z said...

Bowden has now resigned! Not that I care about the Nationals, though.

And Metro to Reston in 2013? Is that the famed Silver line? I'll believe it when I see it. I do like their new train cars, though.