Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Laptop Cat

Friday's Speed Bump comic strip looked familiar:

I've posted this picture of Ziggy before:

h/t Messiah

I'm going on very little sleep after attending the Fleetwood Mac concert last night, so this is all that you're going to get from me today. I'll have a full concert review later this week as well as another major announcement. I'm also contemplating posting an extra special and embarrassing TMI Thursday. This would by far be my most TMI "TMI Thursday" but I'm not sure that I want to reveal it. We'll see.


lacochran said...

You're not writing this blog at all, are you? It's clear from that picture, that Ziggy's back paws are the author.

nichole said...

My cats do that too - and its always when I am working on something particular. They like to sit on my folders too. Do you think they're trying to tell me something?

LiLu said...

On behalf of TMI Thursday...


Sean said...

lacochran - You have figured me out. Aren't you impressed with my spelling ability as a cat.

nichole - Do Jack and Kate write your blog? Cat blogger unite!

LiLu - I'll reveal my special TMI Thursday next week. After all this hype, I hope I don't let anyone down.