Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Trivia Tuesday

Welcome to a St. Patrick's Day edition of Trivia Tuesday. Of course, none of these questions have anything to do with St. Patrick's Day. This week’s challenge is to name the people or characters whose initials are JC. New father "Jason Christ" Superstar is not one of the answers.

1. Who loved Chachi?

2. Who represented Abner Louima, Todd Bridges, Tupac Shakur and Reginald Denny in various trials?

3. Former Late Night talk show host from Norfolk, Nebraska.

4. In a 1966 Time magazine cover story, which French woman was dubbed "Our Lady of the Ladle?"

5. What short story writer, a regular New Yorker contributor, was mentioned in a Seinfeld episode title?

6. Actor in The Godfather and start of the TV show Vegas.

7. What Seattle folk singer played Amazing Grace and Chelsea Morning at Bill Clinton’s 1993 inauguration? (CSN&Y named a song after her.)

8. What NBC News correspondent – and future new anchor – was arrested at the 1964 Republican National Convention?

9. Who co-wrote the song Ring of Fire with Merle Kilgore, which was later performed by husband Johnny Cash?

10. What Hong Kong-born actor made his US movie debut in 1980’s The Big Brawl?

As always, please do not use the internet for the answers. Either you know it or you don’t. Please leave your answers in the comments section. Good luck!

In case you were wondering, we got 7 of the 10 correct.

Thanks again to Stump Trivia for providing these fun quizzes!


neena said...

1. Joanie _____?

2. Johnny Cochran

3. Johnny Carson

4. Julia Child

5. ?

6. James Caan

7. Judy Colins

8. ?

9. June Carter

10. Jackie Chan

nichole said...

#5 - Jean Shepard?

#6 - Jane Pauley?

Ryan said...

5. John Cheever (hilarious episode)
8. John Chancellor

Not sure what the other one that's wrong is.

Sean said...

Great job Neena (and it was nice seeing you last night)! 7.5 out of 10 is impressive.

Nichole - We are looking for people with JC as their initials. I expected better for someone at Duke! :)

Ryan - yes and yes. Why can't I remember the Seinfeld episode though?

So the only one we're missing is the last name of the woman who loved Chachi. Anyone?

Ryan said...

Not that identifying a Seinfield episode as "hilarious" narrows it down at all, but...It is the episode after Kramer burns down Susan's parents' cabin with his Cuban cigars. Susan's Dad thinks the "Cheever letters" as they are later called have burned up in the fire. Later, Susan or George (can't remember who) finds the letters and discovers that Susan's Dad had a "relationship" with Cheever. Obviously this is a bit awkward for Susan and her mom.

Anonymous said...

i love honorable mentions. thanks

Christine (and Rob) said...

Joanie Cunningham

Nick said...

Julia Child was not French!