Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Franco & Me

Here is a picture of Franco Harris and me from last Monday's screening of My Tale of Two Cities:

You'll just have to guess which one is Franco and which one is me!

Since Franco was nice enough to take this picture, the least I could do is promote the Pittsburgh Promise, a scholarship program to help all Pittsburgh Public School students plan, prepare, and pay for education beyond high school at an accredited post-secondary institution within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Harris serves as the Chairman of the Pittsburgh Promise's Board of Directors.

As a programming note, TMI Thursday will return tomorrow (Thursday; imagine that!), and I hope to have a recap, including pictures, of my trip to Bradenton for the Pirates' Spring Training on Friday.

1 comment:

The Pittsburgh Guy said...

What an awesome picture. I haven't gotten the chance to meet Franco, although I've wanted to. I have met Lynn Swann and Hines Ward though. Maybe ill post pictures of myself with them =D.