Thursday, March 26, 2009

Vote for Caitlin & Nick

I have never met Caitlin King and Nick Rossmann, who are friends of a friend, and are one of the 10 semi-finalists for Northern Virginia Magazine's Best Engagement Story contest. However, they have a cool engagement story (see below), so I thought I would do my part to encourage you to vote for them. Voting ends promptly at noon Eastern time on Friday, March 27.

Here's the story for all of you romantics out there:

On a brisk December evening, Nick asked Caitlin to meet him at the museum of news in Washington, D.C. to go to his work’s holiday party. There is a glass display of newspapers from all 50 states outside the building. Nick had created a special edition of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and inconspicuously posted it on the display over another newspaper. He knew this place was especially meaningful to Caitlin, because she is a journalist and used to walk past the Newseum every night on her way home from work while it was being constructed — just to read the headlines.

When Caitlin arrived that December night, they casually walked by the newspaper display. She saw the Post-Gazette and immediately stopped in her tracks. The big headline read, “Caitlin, Will You Marry Me?”

At that moment, Nick turned to Caitlin, and said, “I love you with all my heart. ” He dropped down to one knee and asked, “Will you spend the rest of your life with me?” With the ring on her finger, tears rolling down her face, she said, “YES!”

For the next few minutes, they laughed at the articles Nick had written for the front page, and then Nick suggested they go to The Source restaurant next door for dinner. As they walked inside, dozens of people yelled “SURPRISE!” Nick had arranged an engagement party with all of their friends. To top it off, an undercover photographer (hired by Nick) captured the entire proposal in pictures!

P.S. Go Pitt!


Caitlin said...

Thanks, Sean!!! So you know, Nick is Pittsburgh through and through (born and raised in the great city,) and I was born in Butler to a very Pittsburgh dad. We have six groomsmen in the wedding (5 of which are from da 'burgh.) Nick asked them to be groomsmen by sending them all special edition Terrible Towels with all six Superbowl Wins on it and a note that said, "I promise the wedding won't be terrible."

We'll let you know if we win. Voting ends today at 12.

Hand of Godard said...

Wow, way to raise the bar to levels us normal guys can never reach.


Sean said...

Caitlin - I'm always willing to help a fellow Pittsburgher! The Terrible Towel idea for the groomsmen is a great one. By the way, congrats on making it to the finals!

Hand of Godard - I thought the exact same thing!