Thursday, March 26, 2009

TMI Thursday: Another List

Last month, I completed the Facebook list of 25 Random Things About Me. Since I had nearly two hours to kill at the airport on Tuesday, here’s part two:

1. I am going to grow a moustache in November. I’m excited about this.

2. I just returned from Florida on Tuesday night and am already getting antsy because I have no trips planned.

3. Some people have to have a cup of coffee every morning; I need to have a glass of orange juice.

4. I have a terrible habit of biting my fingernails. It’s probably ruining my teeth, but I have no plans of stopping.

5. It may not happen for another 10 years, but I’m going to have surgery on my knee someday. I have discomfort in my left knee way too often.

6. I don’t ever want another job where I need to wear a tie everyday. I am happy that my current job does not have the tie requirement.

7. The last time the Steelers lost a game when I was in attendance was the AFC Championship game against the San Diego Chargers.

8. I was so upset by that game that I skipped the Super Bowl that year and saw the Lion King in our on-campus theatre instead. (San Francisco crushed the Chargers, so I made the right decision.)

9. I pay too much for phone service, but cannot go with only my cell phone since I get poor reception in my home.

10. I still don’t have an IPod.

11. I don’t understand the appeal of NASCAR, yet I like horse racing which is essentially the same thing but at a slower speed and 3+ hours shorter.

12. I want to get Lasik eye surgery someday.

13. I count the number of stairs I walk up on the Metro escalators.

14. My record walking up the Metro escalator stairs at the Court House station is 47.

15. I do not own a pair of sunglasses (but I would like a pair for my birthday; hint, hint!).

16. I am terrified of staying out in the sun too long. I’ve had several bad sunburns over the years.

17. I don't know anyone with fake breasts (or do I and I just don't know it?).

18. I have two driving pet peeves: People who don’t use turn signals and people who keep their turn signals on for miles.

19. It’s scary that almost everything I do, I think about how I can write it on my blog. (Did this sentence make sense?)

20. There’s not a better way to start the day than Ziggy, my kitten, curling up with me and purring. Unless he does this at 5:00am!

I’m stopping at 20 since I can't think of anything else right now.

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LiLu said...

"19. It’s scary that almost everything I do, I think about how I can write it on my blog. (Did this sentence make sense?)"

ME TOO. It's starting to become a problem...

sour said...


Gilahi said...

I gotta ask. Why are you growing a mustache and why are you waiting until November to do it?

f.B said...

as a 49ers fan, i remember the game in #8 and it was awesome.

Sean said...

LiLu & Sour - I'm glad I'm not alone!

Gilahi - First, I think it will be cool to have a moustache. As for why I'm waiting until November, I think I'm going to participate in Movember, which raises money for prostate cancer research.

fB - It would have been a much better game if it was a Steelesr-49ers Super Bowl. Of course, since you're a 49ers fan, it probably was awesome!

tiny350Z said...

One of the favorite parts of my morning is waking up to one of my cats sleeping by my side. When she can tell I'm waking up, she meows at me and brushes up against me.

It's a great feeling.

TheJim said...

I'm totally with you on the OJ there. My day is all kinds of FUBAR if I don't have a glass in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Movember's THE BEST! my office registered a team and all dressed up as the US Olympic team (torch and all), grew some mo's and raised $5,000 for a good cause!